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Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design

Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design

This course will appeal to those who are currently working in or studying fashion design and wish to gain useful hands on experience in a leading edge graphic design programme.

Available in: Dublin
Validated by: Griffith College
QQI Level: N/A
Course Level:Short Course
Duration: 10 Weeks x 1 Evening (6.30pm – 9.30pm)
Study Mode: Part-Time

The Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design course enables participants to apply their design skills into vector based graphics to improve and streamline their garment and textile design process, increase productivity and accuracy. Throughout the course participants will create a final design and fashion illustration board.Users will learn to draw detailed technical flats for the fashion industry, render figure illustrations complete with facial features, skin tone, hair and fabric rendering using Adobe Illustrator. Learners will master the Pen tool, using a simplified approach and will learn how to maximize the power of Illustrator with Pathfinder, custom brushes and symbols, and layers for quick and easy editing.

The course assumes no previous knowledge of the software. This course is aimed at those who have a keen interest in fashion design and will also appeal to those who are currently working in or studying fashion design and wish to gain useful hands on experience in a leading edge graphic design programme.


Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

  • Explore navigating the workspace
  • Understand the terminology, menu locations & system functions
  • Using selection and drawing tools
  • Using the layers panel
  • Using colour

Creating a Theme & Colour Board

  • Presentation and layout styles for print & online viewing
  • Placing Inspiration images to capture the mood of the SS15 Casual Womenswear Collection
  • Creating colour palettes
  • Using font to create logo or text for presentation.
  • Creating a printed fabric
  • Creating seamless print repeats & different colourways

Mastering the Pen Tool & Drawing Paths

  • Drawing basic shapes
  • Creating Custom Paths
  • Draw paths
  • Modify paths

Creating a Final Illustration & Technical Flat Board

  • Drawing basic  technical flats
  • Adding details to technical flat
  • Drawing flats for SS15 Casual Womenswear Theme 
  • Rendering technical flats with colour/fabric/print

Drawing Illustrations

  • Scanning Techniques
  • Tracing an Illustration with the pen tool
  • Creating a Figure Template
  • Facial Details
  • Adding Skin Tone
  • Adding highlights and shading
  • Filling and rendering an illustration 


This course is scheduled to commence on Tuesday, 14th October 2014 in Griffith College Dublin.  Contact for further details of course dates.


Not Applicable
Entry Requirements
Overview Dublin: 
Direct entry over 23 (Mature Student) or 5D3s (Ord) in Leaving Certificate or equivalent exam taken. User of MS Office Applications.
Study Mode: 
EUR 380.00
How to Apply
Directly to Griffith College Short Courses Department
Academic Progression: 

On completion of this programme a follow on module will be offered in Adobe Photoshop for fashion design.

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