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Griffith College Quality Assurance & Enhancement Manual

In the context of education ‘quality’ can be defined as the process of delivering on the expectations of, and proposed outcomes for, all stakeholders. This includes Learners, Educators, Accrediting Bodies, Employers, and the Community. In Griffith College, we define this as excellence in all aspects of College activities, from learner application for a programme through to graduation from the programme.

Quality Assurance and Enhancement policies and procedures will only be effective if they are supported by all stakeholders. Quality is the responsibility of everyone in the College and the College requires all Learners, Staff and Partners to engage with the process. The College encourages a culture of quality enhancement at all levels. This means inclusiveness in all aspects of Quality Assurance. This includes the involvement of Learners, Academic Staff, External Examiners, Verifiers and Employers.

Griffith College Quality Assurance & Enhancement Policies 2018/19

Griffith College Quality Assurance & Enhancement Procedures 2018/19