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Anne Driscoll Receives Prestigious Award

Anne Driscoll Receives Salem Award for Human Rights and Justice. Photo Credit: Dustin Luca, Salem News.

On Sunday, the 20th of March, Anne Driscoll received the prestigious international Salem Award for Human Rights and Social Justice at a ceremony in Salem. Anne has played a huge role in the Innocence Project at Griffith College in Ireland.

The Salem Award was launched in 1992 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Salem witch trials - America's first and worst mass wrongful convictions. This is the first time a Salem residence and alumni of Salem State University has received the award.

Recently shows like Making a Murderer have highlighted the importance and good work of the Innocence Project, which has 68 project bases worldwide, 55 alone in the United States. The Irish Innocence Project at Griffith College is unique as it's only one of 2 which has both journalism and law students working on cases. Before leaving for America, Anne gave a Moth talk on 'My Innocent Murderer and Guilty Mugger' in Liberty Hall. Her story has been broadcast on American public radio and on The Moth Podcast to 1.8 million listeners. You can listen to it here.

In addition to receiving this prestigious award, Anne will be leading a 2 hour community talk on 'Making a Murderer Happens Everywhere, Not Just Wisconsin' at her alma mater, Salem State University. She will also be discussing the worldwide Innocence movement and the work of the Irish Innocence Project at Griffith.