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Business Breakfast Seminar 2014

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Griffith College Business Breakfast Seminar June 24th 2014

Griffith College Business Breakfast Seminar June 24th Myth, Archetype and Culture: Building Your Brand Narrative Globally We would like to invite you to Griffith College Graduate Business School's Breakfast Seminar taking place on Tuesday, June 24th at our Dublin campus on South Circular Road. Marketing is changing. Digital is part of a revolution in marketing practice.The Brand is more important than ever. Developments in neuroscience are also changing our understanding of how Marketing works - 'People feel before they think' is one of the key messages. Sandy Dunlop of Alexander Dunlop (ADL), the Global Branding Consultancy will speak about these developments but will also offer some insights as to what this all means and what can be done to understand and thrive in this new world. In particular, he will talk about the primacy of story, archetype and world making in building brands and then the importance of culture in building global brands. This approach is at the core of an innovative "MSc in Global Brand Management". that Griffith College will be running with the support of ADL, starting in September. One special feature of the Masters will be the involvement of global brand teams who will bring along current business issues for the students to work on as part of their learning. Also to be mentioned is the potential opportunity for Ireland in a world where marketing is driven by the ability to tell great stories, stories that work globally. And the potential for companies, large and small, to collaborate with this Programme to build their own global brands. The MSc in Global Brand Management is an addition to the range of postgraduate programmes which include the MBA in International Business and other specialised MSc programmes, all designed to give students every advantage when preparing for the complexities of the ever-changing global business environment For a full list of postgraduate courses click here Places for this event are strictly limited. To secure your seat please register HERE

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7.45 - 8.15am: Registration & networking breakfast 8.15 - 8.25am: Introduction to Griffith GBS - Wallace Ewart, Head of Griffith GBS 8.25- 9.05am: Sandy Dunlop - Myth, Archetype and Culture: Building Your Brand Narrative Globally 9.05 - 9.15am: Q&A We will begin the seminar at 8:15am sharp. Griffith College is located on the South Circular Rd., Dublin 8