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Future Proof your Career with a part time Business course Spring 2016

2016 can be the year to take the next step in your career, with part time business courses starting February 2016 at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level.
Part Time business students Sean Cronin, Fergus McFadden, Sean O Brien

Part time programmes enrolling for Spring 2016

Do you feel under-utilised in your current position? Perhaps your tasks are tedious or maybe they are so easy that you finish all your work by lunch and spend the rest of the day trying to look busy. This may be ideal for people who are trying to take it easy at work, but it may eventually lead to feelings of uncertainty as your role may be seen as unnecessary. If you want to contribute more, grow in your role and increase your job security, you will need to actively seek out more responsibilities.

With a New Year comes a new opportunity for you to study a programme and with wide range of part time programmes commencing in February 2016, why not find the right course for you to take your career to the next level. 

Looking for opportunities to develop skills in other areas will not only expand your knowledge and experience, but will increase your professional value and send a positive message to your employer that you are enthusiastic and eager to grow with the business – highly desirable qualities in an employee.

Undergraduate Part Time Courses Enrolling February 2016

Focus and hard work will be required if you are seeking to progress to an executive level. To get started on the journey toward your dream leadership role, it’s important to invest your resources into developing your management and leadership skills.  You will need to learn to manage people, budgets, projects and planning, amongst other things.

Another way of progressing to the next level in your career is to gain a higher qualification that builds on your previous education. For example, perhaps you have completed an undergraduate degree in your field that has taken you as far as you can go – and in order to advance, you need to take it that one step further, with postgraduate study. Now might be the time to complete a graduate certificate or master's degree in your area.  Completing an MBA is particularly valuable, as it will foster your leadership potential and strategic thinking, as well as provide you with a qualification that gives employers confidence in your management abilities.

Postgraduate Part Time Courses Enrolling February 2016

Engaging in upskilling requires a forward-thinking attitude and a desire to grow and learn. Employees and employers should be committed to continual learning, to keep themselves relevant and up-to-date. Developing new skills may mean new responsibilities for you, but if you follow your passion and interests it will also mean greater job satisfaction and greater rewards.

Discuss your course options at our Part Time Undergraduate and Postgraduate Open Evening January 13th 2016 for further information contact [email protected]