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Griffith College in the 2016 Student Media Awards

Student Media Awards 2016

The Smedias (Student Media Awards) are comparable to the Oscars for Irish students. It's a night of glitz, glam and recognition for students' work across photography, film, radio, TV and journalism.  

This year, Griffith College has 26 students shortlisted, with many categories being dominated by our very talented students. The awards are Thursday, April 7th at 7pm. Best of luck to all nominated students!

Shortlisted students include:

Photographer of the Year: 4 out of 6 nominees 

  • Anthony Griffin, Griffith College Dublin 
  • Jozsef Kukola, Griffith College Dublin 
  • Justina Brazauskaite, Griffith College Dublin 
  • James Keown, Griffith College Dublin 

Sports Photographer: 4 out of 6 nominees 

  • Kevin Hegarty – Griffith College 
  • Simon Walsh - Griffith College 
  • David Fogarty - Griffith College 
  • Jack Lyons - Griffith College 

News Photographer: 2 out of 6 nominees 

  • Amana Freitan Dultra (Griffith) 
  • Simon Walsh (Griffith) 

TV Production of the Year: 3 out of 5 nominees 

  • Claudia Verdecchia, Griffith College Dublin 
  • Laura Murphy, Griffith College Dublin 
  • Laura Leonard, Griffith College Dublin 

Radio DJ: 1 out of 6 nominees 

  • Aidan Priestly (Griffith College) 

Radio Journalist: 1 out of 6 nominees 

  • Aidan Priestly – Griffith 

Radio Documentary of the Year: 1 out of 6 nominees 

  • Jeanne Measom (Griffith College Dublin) 

Blog of the Year: 1 out of 6 nominees 

  • Robert Morrissey (Griffith)   

Small College Publication: 2 out of 6 nominees 

  • Walaa Ajjawi, for Griffiti magazine @ Griffith College Dublin 
  • Matthias Ritters, for The Aubergine magazine @ Griffith College Dublin 

Layout and Design: Magazine: 1 out of 5 nominees 

  • Walaa Ajjawi, Griffith College,– Griffiti Magazine 

RSA Award for Journalism Relating to Road Safety: 5 out of 6 nominees 

  • John Anderson Jnr (Griffith College) 
  • Danielle Maldonado (Griffith College) 
  • Noor Yaser Saleh (Griffith College) 
  • Bruno Theodoro (Griffith College) 
  • Nathan O’Carroll (Griffith College)