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Griffith College Welcomes New Catering Company Mount Charles on Campus

Mount Charles will cater to a range of dietary needs while promoting Griffith's environmentally friendly procedures. The restaurant has been modified with a graffiti art addition
Urban Square Restaurant in Griffith College

Griffith College Welcomes New Catering Company Mount Charles on Campus

Griffith College Welcomes Mount Charles to its Campus

Griffith College is pleased to announce it will welcome Mount Charles catering company to the campus with the 'Urban Square Food Co.'

The Urban Square Food Co will offer a variety of food choices from its three outlets, Coco Diablo, Honest and Urban Square Coffee Co.

Students, staff and the general public will have the choice of Mexican cuisine, healthy salads and treats as well as artisan coffee. 

Environmentally Friendly

Having been appointed, Mount Charles has agreed to operate environmentally friendly.  The team has agreed to:

  • Single use plastics free, from 1 January 2020,
  • All cups and lids to be bio degradable and waste managed to this effect
  • They will supply, wash and manage re-usable staff cups
  • They will recycle all waste
  • Install LED bulbs etc.
  • Continue to keep up with modern ‘green/ environmentally efficient’ operational strategies and operate waste segregation into different bins and ‘educate’ and communicating same to its customers

Some Background

Mount Charles Group was established with a vision from their Chairman Trevor Annon. After several years working in the contract catering industry, Trevor became passionate about creating a company that would be able to compete with the multi-nationals while retaining the core values and approach of a local-owned organisation. From small acorns grow mighty oaks, and from a standing start in 1988, Trevor grew the company from what it is now; a force to be reckoned with in the industry, and one that now employs nearly 2,000  people. What hasn’t changed though, is our family-run, personal approach and our inherent commitment to local people and local produce. It’s that home grown way of doing business that makes us who we are, and they are proud of that’. Mount Charles were named as one of Ireland’s Best Managed companies in the 2019 Deloitte Best Managed Companies Awards programme.

We are very excited to welcome the Mount Charles team to the Griffith campus!