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Interior Architecture at Fumbally Exchange

Sit Still Chair

We’re delighted to announce that three projects from our Design Faculty will be on display in the Fumbally Exchange for the coming week.

Then / When is a model of O’Connell Street that took up 3 windows in Arnotts Department Store in the run up to Easter. The model was researched and designed by second and fourth year Interior Design and Architecture students. It is the ‘Then’ of the project; looking at how we see and use O’Connell Street now. Accompanied by posters and visuals, the project gives us a full appreciation of the street.

Sit Still - 20 Lives / 20 Chairs is a collection of upcycled chairs designed to honour key people from the 1916 Rising, showing their personality and character. Designed by 2nd year Interior Architecture students, this collection was viewable by the public on Easter Monday, with a prominent display on O’Connell Street.

A Vision Through Tunnels is a project by MA in Design (Interior Architecture) students. It shows a plan for an exhibit examining the parallels of the 1916 Rising in Dublin and the Siege of Sarajevo in a disused museum building in Sarajevo.

You can check out all three projects in the Fumbally Exchange, as part of their 16: Conflicted Visions exhibit, starting Monday 25th of April to Friday 29th of April. from 12 - 5.30pm