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Ireland’s IT Sector Has A Bright Future

The technology sector in Ireland directly employs over 105,000 people, with 75% employed in multinational companies
Ireland’s IT Sector Has A Bright Future

Ireland’s IT Sector Has A Bright Future

Comprehensive new research published by UPC (the European division of Liberty Global, Inc., the world’s leading international cable operator), at the beginning of June predicts that up to 150,000 new jobs could be created through the Irish Internet economy by 2020 as a result of continuing uptake of broadband services and the overall digitisation of society, industry and commerce in Ireland.

The value of Ireland's internet economy is forecast to grow from its current level of €8.4 billion a year to an estimated €21.1bn (10% of GDP) by 2020 with consumer spending contributing 60% or close to €13bn of this figure.

Encouragingly, the report also found that 59% of businesses surveyed intend to recruit in the next 18-24 months with a strong emphasis on digital skills including analytics, programming , social media, and digital marketing.

ICT Ireland, the leading representative body for the technology sector in Ireland and part of IBEC, remarks that:

"The technology sector in Ireland directly employs over 105,000 people, with 75% employed in multinational companies and the remainder in the indigenous digital technology sector. In the last three years over 17,500 jobs have been announced by technology companies. The sector is responsible for 40% of our national exports and is home to all of the top ten global technology companies. Ireland is emerging as a global technology hub."

It’s quite clear that this expanding sector of the Irish economy will continue to require a constant flow of highly trained graduates with the necessary skillsets for many years to come.

Ireland’s IT Sector Has A Bright Future

So Could You Have A Successful Career in IT?

Technology is constantly evolving so the work will be varied and challenging; IT skills can take a skilled professional almost anywhere in the world and there are always likely to be a wide range of exciting job opportunities.

Keeping up with industry standards and technological innovations is crucial in maintaining a successful, progressive career in Computing and IT.

IT recruiters are crying out for qualified graduates, so a good postgraduate qualification could kick-start your career and make you stand out from the crowd.

IT plays a core role in almost every organisation and activity imaginable today so there are still plenty of opportunities in the IT industry for those without expert technical skills and there are many courses out there providing opportunities to up-skill and help with a move into the IT sector.

How Can Griffith College’s Computing Courses Help You Reach Your Career Goals?

Griffith College offers a number of full and part-time IT qualifications that could help you on the road to success whether you’re a school leaver, an IT graduate, are working in a different industry and want a change of career, or want to return to study to acquire the skills to improve your current work situation and promotion prospects.

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