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Undergraduate Awards

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The Undergraduate Awards invites students to submit their undergraduate coursework for the 2014 programme

We recognise the world’s top students across 25 academic disciplines and bring them together at our global summit.

If you have an excellent piece of course work then international recognition is only a few steps away!

Who we are? 

The Undergraduate Awards acknowledges excellence in undergraduate academia across all disciplines.

How it works?

Students can submit their coursework online, making sure their name and university is not included in the document. We gather a panel of academics in each field to anonymously assess the work. They select the top 10% in each category, and from that the winner.

Why should I submit?

As a winner you will receive an exclusive invitation to the 2014 UA Global Summit in Dublin, Ireland, your work is published in our academic journal and you are recognised as the top student in your field. Shortlisted students are also recognised for their excellence, which can be a significant catalyst when pursuing further studies or your chosen career.

What now?

If you’d like to submit your work then you have until June 2nd to do so.


Email Bella at [email protected]