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Improve your career prospects with a Springboard course

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Up-skilling and cross-skilling for an employment growth area has never been easier

If you’re a jobseeker, then studying a one-year fully funded diploma can pave the way to your future career success. Your skills are needed in new high value employment sectors. Springboard+ can help you make the transition.

What Springboard+ students say

Research from December 2014 found that 98% of those who completed Springboard courses would recommend the experience to other jobseekers.

Nine out of ten participants in the survey believe Springboard is having a positive impact on their lives and there is a further increase in the levels of optimism that Springboard+ will assist them  in getting a job.  Feedback from employers confirms Springboard is producing the throughput of skilled, job-ready personnel that they need.

What can Griffith offer Springboard+ students?

  • Flexible full and part-time study options
  • The opportunity to achieve a highly valued and recognised qualification
  • Opportunities for work placements resulting in enhanced employment opportunities
  • Access to invaluable practical links and professional networks with industry and employers
  • High quality course content that is directly relevant to the target work environment
  • A range of first-rate student support including mentoring, regular contact time with lecturers and tutors, peer study groups, and interactive workshops and debates to ensure individuals maximise their potential

Graduates with skills in growing sectors

Griffith College’s springboard courses lead to qualifications in enterprise sectors that are growing and looking for skilled professionals in the following areas:


There is a shortage of skilled information and communications technology (ICT) graduates in the Irish economy:

Higher Diploma in Science in Web Development (ICT Skills Conversion)


Ireland’s ever-expanding €43m games industry and its employers are looking for individuals with the expert technical, artistic and professional abilities to meet the demands of this booming industry:

Certificate in Music Production for Games


The construction sector, where BIM (Building Information Modelling) and Graphic Illustrators are in demand as a result of the Irish government’s construction sector strategy outlined in Construction 2020:

Diploma in BIM and Graphic Illustration



With more small businesses trading online due to a digitally-enabled society, the demand for skilled digital marketeers is increasing:

Digital Communications for Enterprise


Activity in Ireland’s manufacturing sector expanded to a three-month high in May 2015, with the speed of growth of output quickening to a nine-month high. Industrial engineering and production and logistics specialists are in constant demand as international and SME companies look to improve their operational efficiency:

Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering


With the introduction of new regulations following the financial crises of the past decade, the global financial services landscape has undergone unprecedented change in recent years. Financial firms are under pressure to be as transparent as possible and comply with these new regulations. In addition to this, cautious investors are insisting on more detailed information to enable them to track the risk associated with their investments, and financial firms are looking for skilled professionals to help them meet these new demands.

Diploma in Investment Operations and Compliance


Written by Paula Connor

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