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Start Fresh with a Spring Intake Course

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Griffith College's spring intake courses offer new opportunities for the new year!
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Without dwelling much on the year 2020, we can all agree that we welcomed 2021 with extremely wide open arms. Using the turn of the new year as a way to start fresh, Griffith College has jumped in on this mentality and is offering its spring intake course options. Our spring intake courses start right away in February 2021, allowing for a swift kickoff to the new year.

Get a Head Start

Although the calendar year has changed, it is easy to feel stuck in a rut. Get out of your 2020 funk by catapulting yourself into new experiences and opportunities at Griffith. Take 2021 into your own hands by engaging in learning opportunities, and career-boosting skills.


Griffith understands that everyone is at a different stage in their educational journey, so we offer a mix of undergraduate, postgraduate, and short courses. Griffith’s courses are also offered in full-time, part-time, and blended learning study modes. Due to Covid-19, Griffith is staying flexible and adhering to the changing regulations from the Irish Government. Right now, courses are offered remotely, making it extremely convenient to enrol and learn online from the comfort of your home! Plus, students have the ease of studying through any of Griffith’s four campuses spread across Dublin, Cork, and Limerick.

What to Choose From?

With all of the flexibility of Griffith learning, students can easily fit a new course into their current schedules and add more to their life. Our selection of spring courses offers a wide variety of subjects, ranging from counselling studies all the way to web design. Whether you are a business professional looking to add more to your repertoire or an undergrad student wanting to get started on your degree, Griffith has a course for you.

Ring in the new year by taking advantage of Griffith’s spring intake! Enrol now.

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