Working together to be socially responsible

Friday, March 27, 2020

Due to the pandemic that is coronavirus (COVID-19), most of us are over a week into working remotely and are learning to adapt to a new routine. It is important that as a society we stay responsible and look after each other during such a difficult time. This article covers some key points that have been raised since the emergence of coronavirus and shares tips that can help us stay socially responsible during a challenging time.

Don’t panic

This seems like a simple point, but during such unprecedented times, it is important to remember the simple things. Limit exposure to news, and make sure you get the facts - not the rumours - in short doses. The more we read, the more anxious we become so be sure to keep off the news apps whilst working from home. When you do catch up on the latest developments, make sure to use a reputable source.

You may be living on your own, or you could be at home with a large family, but if you are feeling overwhelmed by the current situation remember you can always reach out for help. Talk to friends and family and share your worries with them; often just talking can help you process the current situation. If you are a student at Griffith College, see our wellness supports page for more information.

For more information, the HSE has an article on minding your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak.

What is social distancing?

Social distancing is something that we have all been tasked with doing over the coming weeks and is new to all of us. Most of us will have heard about the two-meter rule, keeping 2m or 6 feet away from other people whilst in public. This is due to the spread of the virus through close contact. Group sizes should be kept to a minimum and you should not arrange to meet up with other groups. If you are a Griffith College Student you can still meet up virtually at the daily library drop-in Zoom meetings, and if you are a Griffith College alumni you can connect virtually using the Griffith Alumni Network.

Don’t forget to help others

This is a time when society needs goodwill and for people to step up and help for the greater good. Below are five easy ways to help someone else.

  1. Reach out – you will likely live near other people. Reach out, share contact details and check that everyone in your local community is ok. This could be as easy as a letter to your neighbours, sharing your contact details and offering support should they need it.
  2. Help where it is needed – Support charities, local food banks and emergency appeals. The Dublin InQuirer has a helping neighbours directory where you can access support or volunteer.
  3. Support local business – Buy a voucher from a local business to support them during this difficult time.
  4. Write a letter to residents at a care home – They will likely not have any visitors for a while and your kind words will be the morale boost that they require!
  5. Use technology –  Join the Griffith College Book Society, organise an online quiz, play games with friends, video call your parents! Whatever it may be, stay in contact with people and support each other.