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Latest COVID-19 Update

As the COVID-19 situation has evolved, College staff have been figuring out how best we can keep the show on the road for everyone, so that our programmes can continue.

The college’s campuses are closed to non-residents until further notice.

The college’s on-campus classes have been suspended until the end of the semester, 1 May 2020. Where possible, possible, lecturers will deliver their classes online – using Zoom, Moodle and other resources as appropriate. Also where possible, original (on-campus) classes will be provided online using the same schedule (e.g. classes scheduled for 10 am on Thursdays will continue to be delivered at 10 am Thursdays). Classes will also be recorded to facilitate learners in different time zones and those who may not have immediate access to broadband/Wi-fi facilities. The college has made alternative arrangements so that international learners who travel home can complete their programmes from their home country.

The college’s online and blended programmes are continuing unchanged.

Semester examinations scheduled for May 2020 will no longer involve on-campus attendance – they will be conducted via remote access and online. At this stage we are planning for all our August examinations (first-time and resit) to be held on-campus.

College staff will work from home and will remain available via email and Moodle.


Faculty-Specific Arrangements

Some programmes will require specific arrangements for delivery and assessment. Where necessary, Faculty Heads and Programme Directors are working closely with their programme teams and colleagues across the college. 

QQI and other accreditation agencies are being kept up-to-date with our proposals to ensure the integrity and approval of our learners’ award qualifications. These proposals are progressing well and we’ll be in touch again as soon as determinations and agreements are reached.

Current Developments

The College’s Digital Learning Department (DLD) has created helpful videos on how to deliver and record Zoom lectures. These are already available. The DLD team can also be contacted directly on [email protected]

The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education has provided an online assessment resource for the sector on Selecting Online Alternatives to Common Assessment Methods.

The College’s QAE team are working with our faculties and external agencies so that we can provide further clarity to everyone in relation to the online examinations. There will be further communication as this develops over the coming weeks.

The College is committed to retaining exams rather than moving to a range of “alternative assessments” that could otherwise compromise our existing programme awards

An Etiquette Guide has been created for online learners.

Some Good News

While last week was a reading week for many, other lecturers got a head start using Zoom to deliver their courses.

The great news from those first up – e.g. English Language, Engineering and IIPMM (Purchasing and Materials Management) is that their classes worked out really well.

From one of our lecturers: "I had my very 1st full module delivery via Zoom yesterday and today and it went exceptionally well (if I do say myself)!"


The college recognises that the move to recording classes is new and unexpected. Our intention in recording classes (previously delivered on-campus) is solely to facilitate our existing 2019/2020 learners, wherever they are, so that they can continue their programmes and get their awards

The recordings of classes that arise from moving on-campus programmes online will not be made available to future learner cohorts and will not be used as a substitute for the separate delivery of our 2020/2021 programmes.

Available Supports

The Digital Learning Department team will help wherever they can with the technical matters. Please allow them some time to assist, as many lecturers may encounter issues.

Other faculty colleagues may also “pop-in” to initial online sessions to make sure all is working as intended.

Consider setting up 10 or 15 minutes early for initial classes to make sure everything is ready and to resolve any technical problems.

Staring classes on schedule is also more pressing in an online environment as a late start can easily be interpreted as a class not taking place.

Ongoing Plans

Over the coming weeks, we’ll provide as much continuity as possible for our learners, lecturers, staff and residents.

You can view our latest update in the news section. If you have further queries, they may be addressed in the FAQs.

Remote Teaching

We have set up a dedicated section for information on Remote Teaching. Please visit this page and follow the information there to get started. It contains information and guides for using your own devices as well as college-owned devices and how to request support if required.

If you also carry out administrative tasks and require remote access to administrative software and network drives, please see the information on Remote Working for information on how to request access through GC IT. 

If you require remote access, please submit a request using this form.

Wellness Supports

If you want to speak with a private counsellor, Griffith offers a counselling service free of charge to all students and staff. To make an appointment, you can email [email protected] or call 085 1521511. Sessions are available over the phone and via Skype. Learn more about Griffith's counselling service.