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Searching for Accommodation? Griffith is Welcoming New Residents!

Griffith Halls of Residence Accommodation

Third-level students who’re attending an institute or university in Dublin city are welcome to apply for a place in the apartment block, Griffith Hall Residence

Apartments for Students in Dublin Institutes or Universities

Griffith College has 165 apartments that are available for rent to students who are studying at Griffith or any other third-level Dublin institute or university.

In 2018, it was estimated there was a shortfall of 25,000 bed spaces for third-level students at the start of the academic year. In the current climate, the panic and stress doesn’t come to a halt received your offer. In fact for some, the stress is just beginning. Sourcing liveable accommodation can be difficult and that’s where Griffith Halls of Residence relieves any unwarranted pressure.

A Word From Griffith College Accommodation

Griffith Halls Residence Administrator Gabriela Paleta said, “We welcome students from all over the world in our accommodation on Griffith College campus. There is some availability from now in our shared and twin single rooms. Easily apply at the Griffith Halls website or come visit the campus for a closer look."

The accommodation, located on South Circular Road is just 15 minutes from Dublin City Centre and can accommodate more than 600 students. On-site, you can expect 24-hour security and CCTV in operation to guarantee your safety.

The 165 apartments are designed across two blocks on the Dublin campus and welcomes students who are studying at Griffith and other colleges littered across Dublin city. Most apartments will house between three and four students. These are self-serving apartments where students will have access to 2 shared bathrooms, bedrooms and a kitchen/living area.


If you or someone you know is looking for accommodation from the month of February, contact Gabriela at +353 1 416 3321 or [email protected] 

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