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Griffith graduates making headlines once more!

Geri O'Toole Glynn and Natasha Rocca design featured in the national media this week. Both are former graduates of Griffith College and are making waves in the world of design.

Geri O'Toole Glynn features in the Irish Independent

One of the great pleasures for everyone at Griffith College is seeing our graduates doing well in the working world. This week two of our graduates were featured in the national media for their work in interior design.

Geri O'Toole Glynn was featured in the Irish Independent which featured her dramatic transformation of a 'derelict farmhouse' into a stunning modern family home. Geri studied interior architecture and design at Griffith College and now runs the prestigious Limerick-based design business 'Browsers'.  She told the Independent that she is flexible when it comes to her work as an interior designer but has a definite preference when it comes to the materials she uses.

"I am happy to put lots of colour and fun in other people's homes to give them timeless, or Scandi or clean lines, anything - but what I love is natural materials. I also like art and I've started collecting, and I love antique mirrors. I like imperfections too; I don't like perfection.

Geri's work went down well on social media too.

Natasha Rocca Devine features in the Irish Examiner

Natasha Rocca Devine is fast becoming one of the most talked-about interior designers in the country. Natasha actually studied journalism here at Griffith College but subsequently studied interior design. Her new venture, Interiors NMD combines Natasha's design and media expertise. Interiors NMD is a magazine and YouTube publisher where Natasha shares the latest trends in interior design around the world. But Natasha also offers design services to clients and has just finished a huge job with estate agents Knight Frank.

Natasha gave Aileen Lee of the Examiner some advice for anyone staging an interior. "For anyone staging a home for rental or sale, plan for your budget. Make a spreadsheet to include tabs for budgets and timelines. Take it week-by-week. Write out the brands you like, research online before you go to the shops. Get quotes from different trades companies. Work out the logistics per room based on priority. Like all projects, preparation is key."