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Journalism Students Welcome RTE Reporter Aoife Hegarty for Guest Lecture

Aoife Hegarty speaks with Griffith College journalism students

Students experienced an intense lecture as part of an investigative journalism module.

Students on the MA in Journalism enjoyed a guest lecture from RTE’s Investigations Unit reporter, Aoife Hegarty as part of their course. Hegarty gave students an insight into what investigative journalism means and how it is actioned on Monday 1 April.

Hegarty extended advice to students on how to source work as an investigative journalist while outlining the positive impact investigative journalism has had on RTE, its viewers, democracy and society.

Learners who are enrolled in the MA in Journalism at Griffith College are afforded the opportunity to receive in-depth sessions from guest lecturers regularly.

Recently, students enjoyed a mock PR crisis interview held by RTE reporter, Aoife Kavanagh.