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In the News: Blended Learning Student, Conor Nolan

Griffith College student, Conor Nolan. Photo credit; The

In the News: Blended Learning Student, Conor Nolan

TWO AND A HALF years ago, Conor Nolan was watching his friends and most of the people he knew finishing the final year of their degree, putting on their gowns and graduating. He on the other hand, had opted for full-time employment.

Having studied animation for a year, Nolan had secured an internship in digital marketing. After six months, they had offered him a full time job. As positive as it was, Nolan realised it would be hard if he ever wanted to move elsewhere. He explains:

"While I felt lucky for my job, I knew it would be hard to ever get a similar job without a degree. I'd be starting from square one and probably have to do an internship first, regardless of my experience."

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