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31 January 2022

Griffith College, like all higher education institutions, is preparing for semester two's return to campus with on-site activity and in-person teaching in line with the “Discretionary Framework A Safe Return to On-Site Further and Higher Education and Research” from the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science (DEFHRIS). The Framework’s clear intention is for an ‘on-site learning experience for learners for the year 2021/22’.

The following points apply generally throughout the College. These will be supplemented with faculty and programme-specific information.

Teaching Start Dates

  • Semester two teaching begins in the week commencing Monday 7th of February 2022 for all learners.
  • Induction will take place on-campus, the week prior to the start of lectures.

(Details of the specific arrangements for induction will be forwarded to each learner.)


  • An audit of all rooms has been carried out to ensure adequate ventilation is provided.  CO2 monitors will be deployed in teaching rooms as required, and room capacities will be limited to 80%.
  • Specific health and safety protocols are in place to facilitate the delivery of all practical classes, such as photography, film, design, etc.  Faculties/programme directors will communicate these arrangements to learners.
  • The College will continue to implement an enhanced cleaning regime across all campuses.


  • Learners and staff are required to wear masks at all times in indoor shared spaces, including classrooms, common areas, and libraries. 
  • Learners will be required to wear masks while sitting at desks. 
  • Masks will be required in outdoor spaces where groups are gathered.
  • Lecturers may remove masks while delivering lectures.
  • The College is encouraging all learners and staff to avail of the HSE vaccination programme which has proven so successful in protecting us all.


  • There will be at least a ten-minute break between each class, with classes typically being of fifty minutes duration.
  • Timetables will be arranged to facilitate the safe movement of learners between classes.
  • Certain lectures may be recorded to facilitate subsequent revision purposes:
    • The specifics of any recordings will be faculty and programme dependent and will be managed within faculties​.
    • The recording of lectures is not a substitute for in-class participation and engagement.


  • Formal examinations in May 2022 will be held as on-campus invigilated examinations unless expressly indicated otherwise by your faculty.

College Facilities

  • The library will open according to its normal capacity and opening hours.
  • The restaurant facilities will be open for in-person dining or take away service. For those choosing to dine in-person, in line with current legislation, they will need to present a copy of their COVID-19 vaccination certificate to the restaurant operator. A take-away service will continue to operate for staff and learners without a requirement to present a COVID-19 vaccination certificate. Urban Square, the College restaurant, will return to full capacity. There will be no requirement to display a COVID Cert to access Urban Square.
  • The College Students’ Union will be open and active, operating in accordance with prevailing public health guidelines. 
  • Sports and other clubs and societies will be active, operating in accordance with prevailing public health guidelines.

Overall Plans for 2021/22

The college’s overall plans for all campuses for the 2021/22 academic year are as follows:

  • Classes and tutorials will be delivered on a face-to-face basis, on-campus
  • Learners will be expected to attend on-campus classes in person.
  • In general, it will not be possible for learners to complete their programmes on an online basis only.
  • Learners who cannot attend in person for health reasons are asked to contact their Programme Director.

Further Information

Prior to programme commencement faculties and programme teams will issue further information to their learners providing detailed information on the delivery and assessment schedule for the programmes’ modules.


Please note that these plans are entirely dependent on Public Health advice and may change in the light of the prevailing Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science instructions.

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Staff Discounts

You are encouraged to provide us with feedback and suggestions which, in addition to any questions you may have, can be directed by email to [email protected].

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Remote Working

Our IT team have created a dedicated section for information on Remote Working for staff. Please follow the information provided there to get started. It contains information and guides for using your own devices as well as college-owned devices and how to request support if required.

Wellness Supports

The college has several supports available for your physical and mental wellbeing.