Our people - Isabelle Denhez

Isabelle Denhez

Journalism & Media Communications
Associate Lecturer

Location: Cork
Email: [email protected]

Development Activities

Academic Qualifications:
BA d'Etudes Cinematographiques et Audio-visuelles (Universite Lyon 2-Lumiere, 1991), MA French (University College Cork, 2011)


Isabelle joined the Journalism, Media and Communications Faculty at Griffith College Cork in 2015. She lectures in film, TV, drama and narrative.

Whilst studying her masters in University College Cork, film-lover Isabelle wrote her thesis on the cinema of Marguerite Duras. And after completing her studies, she moved to London where she directed her first film.

Isabelle's research interests include documentary films of the Lumiere brothers of whom she is a huge fan, and the contemporary practices of French-speaking women filmmakers dealing with oppression and repression of dissent. Her other areas of interest include the onomastic (relating to the study of the history and origin of proper names) in American TV dramas, and the figure of the journalist as hero in fiction and documentary features.

Isabelle on what she loves about teaching:

"What I find the most rewarding about teaching is the human connection that only happens when teacher and students interact whilst sharing the space in a classroom. When students take the time to think, work together and share their discoveries, then I, the facilitator, am really happy. I love to see that glint of first surprise, then curiosity in my students' eyes, and finally their smile when the "light bulb" goes on!"