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COVID-19 Policies and Assurances

Griffith Halls of Residence is committed to maintaining superb levels of safety and sanitation on campus which exceed the requirements of Irish Government guidelines.

GHR keeps all residents up-to-date with regular correspondence, conveying the latest messages from the HSE (Health Service Executive), WHO (World Health Organization), DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs), NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland), DES (Department of Education and Skills), and DTTS (Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please note that from January 16, 2021, all arrivals to Ireland require a PCR test dated no more than three days prior to arrival. 

Informational literature is distributed to apartments and on notice boards in both blocks and through email newsletters.

All signage is Government approved. Please note some of the information on this page are current Government guidelines and subject to change.

Updates on GCD’s COVID-19 activities and measures can be found here.

Book with Confidence

In the event a learner/resident has to cancel their planned study to Ireland due to COVID-19, a full refund (accommodation and application fee) will be issued prior to the lease agreement commencing. This would cover travel restrictions in Ireland or the learner/resident's home country due to COVID-19. If the learner/resident or an immediate member of their family tests positive for COVID-19, close to the learner/resident’s travel date, a full refund (accommodation and application fee) will be extended with evidential proof of a positive test result.

In the event a learner wishes to leave GHR from December 2, 2020 and the issue relates to quarantine, isolation, restricted movement, international travel, Government restrictions, teaching delivery or any other COVID-19 matters as adjudicated by management a percentage refund (accommodation fee only) will be extended.

In the extremely unlikely event that a resident is required to undergo their period of restricted movement off-campus, GHR aims to provide an allowance of weekly rate paid to the resident to support their off-site costs when rejoining the GHR community. This will be applied to the resident's in-house account and refunded less any deductions like key replacement with the security deposit at the end of the lease agreement period.

Due to COVID-19, we are aware of some backlogs in visa administration processes. In the event that a learner/resident’s visa is refused a full refund (application and accommodation fee) will be issued providing appropriate evidence can be extended regarding the refusal.

In the event that a resident’s visa is refused or delayed, a full refund (application and accommodation fee) will be issued providing appropriate evidence can be extended regarding the refusal.

In the event a resident has not been academically successful enough to study at Griffith College, a full refund will be issued (application and accommodation fee). The level of refund is interdependent on re-sitting Griffith examinations or not when possible.
If a learner is transferring from another Griffith location i.e. Cork, Limerick and have paid their fees, they will be eligible for a refund (accommodation fee only).

Please note refunds may take 30 days to process.

GHR Check-In and Restricted Movement Procedures

New and returning residents are required to undergo a period of restricted movement upon their arrival in Ireland. They can undertake this period of restricted movement free-of-charge at GHR, with the time they are required to spend in restricted movement not counted as part of their stay.

Residents are required to restrict their movements for two weeks prior to being permitted to engage with the general community if not travelling from a “Green” Traffic Light Country per

We will be adhering to Government advise on restricted movement relevant to the new traffic light system. We recommend those inside the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) keep up to date with the weekly combined indicator map published by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) to know the colour categorisation of their country. For a comprehensive understanding of restricted movement please see here.

Please note that from January 16, 2021, all arrivals to Ireland require a PCR test dated no more than three days prior to arrival. 

Returning residents are required to complete both a check-out and luggage storage form prior to departure. Returning residents must provide seven days notification of their intention to return to GHR. Returning residents are not permitted to access the allocation which they previously held prior to departure until such stages that they have completed their period of restricted movement.

GHR requires all new and returning residents to complete a health and safety questionnaire before check-in. This questionnaire is vital to protecting the security and integrity of our existing population and contributes to the peace of mind they enjoy on campus. The health and safety questionnaire should only be returned to GHR between five and 14 days prior to arrival. Forms returned outside this time period will be considered invalid and you will be required to resubmit your form.  

All residents are required to download the HSE COVID-19 app as part of our lease agreement. You will be required to show this downloaded app on arrival to GHR. This app was released earlier this year and will allow health authorities to track and trace your contacts in the event you contract the virus and notify you in the case you have been in contact with someone who has contracted the virus.

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Please note that all passengers arriving into Ireland whose journey originates a high risk country are required to quarantine in a hotel, designated by the State, at their own cost prior to being permitted to take up residence at GHR. This applies regardless of test status. It also applies to travellers who pass through one of the listed high risk countries, regardless of where their journey began. 

For all other international arrivals to GHR please be advised that you must be in possession of a negative PCR test to enter the country.  All other international arrivals must also undergo a period of quarantine on arrival which cannot be circumvented  by taking a test after 5 days.   

What Will Restricted Movement at GHR Entail?

Before your period of restricted movement, residents are provided with helpful information on local shopping, internet and additional information. A copy of the informational leaflet, which new and returning residents will be issued with can be downloaded here. All residents with confirmed bookings should familiarise themselves with this content prior to arriving.

We ask incoming residents to please ensure they have enough toiletries and, if applicable, medicines for their two-weeks' restricted movement. We also ask that they bring 14-days’ worth of clean clothes.

GHR is a shared accommodation provider and, therefore, both those in restricted movement and those in general living on successful completion of check-in will be housed within apartments comprised predominantly of three or four people. GHR will ensure to the best of our ability allocation from a movement restriction perspective in such a way that the full apartment commences this restricted movement at the same time, where possible. It could be possible due to staggered arrival dates that a small number of residents complete more than 14 days of restricted movement. You will be advised during your period of restricted movement if it will be longer than 14 days based on other people joining you in your apartment shortly after you have commenced your restricted movement. We would like to advise all residents that the room category you complete your period of restricted movement may not be the category you have booked but please rest assured you will be allocated your booked room type after restricted movement.

After your restricted movement, residents wishing to continue exercising social distancing within apartments are deemed ‘a family unit’ by GHR and, therefore, timetabling regarding communal use areas within the apartment will be left to individual residents to establish.

GHR would like to point out that regulations state that masks should be worn within communal areas in family spaces, though these regulations will be the remit and responsibility of individual apartment occupants to apply. Students who share a common food preparation area should be advised to limit time spent with others in the shared space and wear a face covering at times other than while eating. Face coverings are required within all the corridors and public areas of the GHR buildings.

We ask that all incoming residents arrive at GHR in appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) – namely, a face covering. We also ask all incoming residents to be informed regarding the current level (1-5) within the Irish Government’s Living with Covid plan.

All residents are reminded to ensure that they adhere to the restrictions associated with visitors and guests as outlined in the Government’s Living with Covid plan.  

If you are an existing resident and have COVID-19 concerns, or feel you may have developed symptoms, please email us at both [email protected] and [email protected]. For out of office hours, please contact our security team on 0868182370.

If you have been recently diagnosed and have questions, this information page from the HSE should help.


GHR Commitment to Hygiene and Cleanliness

GHR has taken the following measures to ensure the safety and security of our residents:

We clean our common areas – block stairwells, hallways, entrances and exits and laundry facilities – daily with disinfectants recommended to combat the virus.

All rooms are cleaned, sanitised, sealed and then left ventilated for a minimum of 72 hours pending the arrival of new residents.

We have mounted hand sanitation stations at all entry and exit points to the Halls of Residence for regular use.

We have instituted a one-way system in hallways to limit the flow of foot traffic passing and interacting unnecessarily.

We have implemented a one-way system outside our accommodation office to prevent unnecessary and accidental congregation.

We regularly stock face masks in our on-site vending machines.

We actively promote other sources of safety equipment residents may be interested in such as making their own maskdesigner masks or masks from local retailers like Boots.




To find out more about GHR’s commitment to health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, check out our COVID-19 FAQs here.

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