Welcome to the Student Fees teams at Griffith College.
We are here to assist you with any fee-related queries you may have. It is the role of the Fees team to effectively communicate with all learners regarding their fees. We will endeavour to answer all queries in a timely and efficient manner.

Griffith College is an independent College and as such, tuition fees apply on most of our programmes. 

Please note that the tuition fees quoted represent tuition fees for stage 1 of the programme only.

Please note that for QQI-accredited courses, there is an additional QQI Award Fee applied in the final year of study. The fees are as follows:

Higher Certificate €100
Ordinary Bachelor Degree €150
Honours Bachelor Degree €200
Higher Diploma €200
Post-graduate Diploma €200
Masters Degree €200
Doctoral Degree €200
Minor, Special Purpose and Supplemental awards €50

Methods of Payment

Students can pay their fees using any of the methods mentioned below:

Pay Online

You may pay online by credit or debit card by clicking here.

Pay by Bank Draft/Cheque/Postal Order

Learners may pay by bank draft, cheque, or postal order, each made payable to Griffith College. If they wish to pay in person by this method, they can visit the fees office during office hours or forward any of the above to the Student Fees Office, Griffith College Dublin, South Circular Road, Dublin 8.

If you are making payment by this method, please state your name and Griffith College reference/student number on the reverse side of the bank draft/cheque/postal order. 

Pay by Bank Transfer

Students from all campuses may pay by bank transfer into the College account for which the College bank details are:

  • Bank Name:                Bank of Ireland
  • Bank Address:            St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2
  • Account Name:          Griffith College
  • Account No.:                41482755
  • Sort Code:                    90-00-84
  • Swift/BIC Code:         BOFIIE2D
  • IBAN No.:                     IE69 BOFI 900084 41482755

If you are using this method of payment, please remember to quote your name and Griffith College reference/student number on all payment transfers to the college.

Pay by Direct Debit

Details of our Direct Debit Scheme are available here

Sponsored Learners

If your employer is paying your fees and require an invoice in their company name, you will need to download a sponsorship invoice request form here (liability for all fees remain with the learner). Please ask your employer to complete and return the sponsorship form to the Student Fees Office. An electronic copy of the completed form can be emailed to the Student Fees office at [email protected]. On receipt of the completed sponsorship form, the Student Fees office will then issue an invoice to your employer. Your learner record will also be then updated accordingly to indicate that you are being sponsored. This must be done prior to registering with the College.

Financial Support

Students may avail of some (but not all) government maintenance assistance such as the Back to Education Allowance. For more information click here

As a private third-level institution, Griffith students are unfortunately not able to access SUSI funding.

Tax Relief

Most courses of two or more years' duration have been approved for tax relief which all students can avail of. Applicants should note that the qualifying conditions for relief may differ for full and part-time students. For further information on claiming tax relief, the qualifying conditions and the list of approved Griffith College courses, please refer to Revenue. Students may also avail of some (but not all) government maintenance assistance such as the Back to Education Allowance.

Contact Us

Dublin Campus - Student Fees Office Opening Hours

The Student Fees office in our Dublin Campus is located in room D006 and our opening hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday

9.30 am to 5.30 pm

Email: [email protected]

Alternatively, we can be contacted by email or by telephone, for which our contact details are:

Martin Battersby                                                                          

Senior Credit Controller                                          

Ph: +353 1 4150479                                                            

Email: [email protected]                 

James Cummins  

Student Fees Administrator

Ph: +353 1 4150483 

Email: [email protected]      
Josh O’Brien

Student Fees Administrator 

Ph: +353 1 4150493

Email: [email protected]

Cork Campus – Student Fees Office Opening Hours:

The opening hours in our Student Fees office in our Cork Campus are as follows:

Monday           9.30 am – 4.30 pm

Tuesday          9.30 am – 1.00 pm

Thursday         2.30 pm – 5.30 pm

Friday              9.30 am – 4.00 pm

Alternatively, we can be contacted by email or by telephone, for which our contact details are:

Clare O’Brien

Student Fees Office, Cork Campus

Ph: +353 21 4507027

Email: [email protected]


Limerick Campus – Administration Office Opening Hours:

The opening hours in our Student Fees office in our Limerick Campus are as follows:

Monday to Friday

9.00am to 5.00pm

Alternatively, we can be contacted by email or by telephone, for which our contact details are:

Fiona O’Sullivan

Student Fees Office, Limerick Campus

Ph: +353 61 310031

Email: [email protected]

Fees  & Payment - 

  • Fees for all programmes/courses are due in full prior to programme/course commencement unless an approved payment plan is in place with the College.
  • By registering on a programme/course with the College, the student remains liable for fees at that point.
  • The fees applicable to the student will be the fees as advised in the offer letter (in the case of new academic students) and as directed by the Student Fees office (in the case of existing academic students).  Fees applicable for professional programmes/short courses, will be as advised by the school/department that the programme/course is attached to.
  • In the event that a student has to repeat a full year of a programme/course, the fee applicable will be the standard programme/course fee for the academic year in which the student repeats the year.
  • In the event that a student has to repeat one or more subjects, the fee applicable, where a student is required to attend class for that repeat (s), is the standard subject fee for the academic year in which the student repeats the subject (s).  If a student is not required to attend class and is only repeating an examination/assignment in a subject (s), the fee applicable is €120.00 per subject.
  • Should a student commence a programme/course and subsequently withdraw or defer from the programme/course at any stage of the programme/course, full fees remain due at that point.  Where a student has a payment plan in place with the College, this payment plan must be adhered to and fees remain due in accordance with the payment plan signed.
  • Tuition fees listed do not include the cost of course materials.  The cost of material differs for each programme/course and each stage.  For an estimate of the cost of materials for your programme/course, students are advised to contact the Marketing office or their faculty.
  • Course fees are subject to change each academic year.
  • Unpaid Cheque payments and Unpaid Direct Debit payments are subject to an additional charge of €10.00.
  • Students classified for fee purposes as fee category Non-EU on their application, shall retain that fee category for the duration of their programme.
  • English Language - if English is not a student's native language, they must show that their English level is of a suitable standard.  Students who have not achieved a sufficient score in an internationally recognised English Language Test will be required to attend the Griffith College English Language test prior to the commencement of their programme.  Students whose level of English does not meet the required standard will then be re-directed onto an Academic English programme in Griffith College.  The charges for these classes are additional and separate from fees already secured.
  • All programmes/courses will commence subject to student demand.
  • Griffith College reserves the right to change any of the details in marketing/promotional material.
  • Where a student account is in arrears, access to certain College facilities e.g. access to Moodle, access to Computers, access to Library facilities, will be suspended.  Other sanctions that may be imposed by the College, including but not limited to removal from class, non-correction of assignments and denial of access to examinations.

    2.    Refunds -

  • Fees are non-refundable except in the case of visa refusal.
  • For Non-EU International Students who are resident overseas, in the case of a visa refusal, fees will be refunded less an administration fee of €150.00.  A copy of the visa refusal letter from the Irish Department of Justice must be forwarded to the International Office when requesting a refund.
  • For Non-EU International Students already resident in Ireland, fees will not be refunded under any circumstances after the commencement of the programme/course.  Where a visa is required to be renewed during the programme of study at Griffith College, it is the responsibility of the student to check with the relevant authorities that the renewal application will be approved.