Partnerships and Collaborations

Griffith College collaborates with a number of academic partners to assure best practice in education and training, and to enhance the learning experience while committing to quality and academic excellence.

A number of the college’s QQI-accredited programmes are delivered on a collaborative or partnership basis.

All programmes provided under a collaborative agreement are managed in accordance with Griffith College’s approved Quality Assurance and Enhancement procedures.



Established in 1991, Engineering Support & Services (ESS) Limited  are “Leaders in Asset Management & Maintenance Reliability through People”. It works directly with industry to optimise performance, supporting clients to achieve and sustain maintenance excellence and asset management optimisation. It works on the basis that it is people that make things work, and that it’s through training people and supporting them, that organisational activity can be sustained and improved. The company’s customer portfolio spans the life sciences, food & drink, engineering, MedTech, pharmaceutical, utilities and manufacturing sectors. Its services to industry include asset optimisation; complete managed services; Consultancy, Maintenance & Reliability Assessments; Maintenance Resource Outsourcing; and Asset Management, Maintenance Reliability & Technical Training.

The partnership between Griffith College and ESS, which started in 2021, brings innovative industry-led programmes to learners, developing their theoretical and practical aptitude, and introducing them to key relevant technologies and knowledge necessary for employment in their sector.  

Learners benefit from the skills, experience and professionalism of Griffith College and ESS Ltd.’s teams, and their own work-based learning. These collaborative programmes are accredited by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI). 

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Established in 2006, Globe Business College Munich combines both Irish and German approaches to education, to deliver a unique educational experience that puts the individual at the centre.

The partnership between Griffith College and Globe College, which commenced in 2011, was formed to afford Globe College learners the opportunity to graduate with an internationally recognised Bachelor's degree qualification, namely Griffith College’s BA (Hons) in Business, accredited by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) with state acceptance in Bavaria.

The programme focuses on character development and skill and competence enhancement to create graduates who, in addition to their formal academic qualifications, have the ability to think on their feet, operate in dynamic environments, have great people skills, and communication abilities and are driven by a growth mindset.

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Established in 2009, Innopharma Education is committed to developing the high-tech manufacturing talent the world needs.

In 2014, Griffith College and Innopharma Education established the Griffith College Faculty of Science, to provide graduates with the skills and competencies necessary for a successful career in Ireland's flourishing pharmaceutical and medtech sectors.

The courses incorporate industry best-practice with practical training and upskilling solutions, to emphasise high-tech developments, while supporting graduates’ career progression and commercial success, in operations, compliance, and analytical roles.

Griffith College and Innopharma Education collaborate to provide a growing suite of Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI)-accredited undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in pharmaceutical/biotech, medical device technology, and digital transformation.

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pulse college

Established in 1991, Pulse College has three decades of proven track record in delivering professional industry training courses in audio and music, game and animation, and film, from its historic Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Ringsend, Dublin 4, and The Market Studios on Halston Street, Dublin 7.

Since 2012, Griffith College and Pulse College have established an academic collaboration for the provision of a number of Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI)-validated programmes (currently from NFQ Level 6 to NFQ Level 9), offering a cutting-edge blend of academic perspectives and practical skillsets, combined with a unique teaching and learning environment.

The colleges collaborate to ensure that learners are well-placed for a vibrant career in the related disciplines of audio technology; music production, composition and scoring; and animation.

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