Academic Calendar


Academic Calendar 2023/2024

Semester One induction 

13-14 September

Semester One lectures commence

18 September

Online registration for Semester One closes

24 October

Assignment Week

6-10 November

Dublin campus graduations

7-9 November

Cork campus graduation

15-16 November

Limerick campus graduation

22 November

Online registration for Semester Two opens

5 December

Semester One lectures end

15 December

Study Week

1-5 January

Exam Period

9-24 January

February intake induction

1-3 February

Semester Two lectures commence

6 February

Prep and Review Boards

9-26 February

Provisional Exam results released 

27 February

Online registration for Semester Two closes 

1 March

Assignment Week

18-22 March

Semester Two lectures end

3 May

Study Week

6-10 May

Exam Period

14 -29 May

Semester Three start - Computing Cork

20 May

Semester Three start - Innopharma 

4 June

Creative Week

6-13 June

Semester Three start- Business

17 June

Prep and Exam Boards

12-27 June

Official Exam results released 

28 June

Exam Period

1-20 August


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