Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar 2021/2022

Semester One induction for all except Stage One 16/17 September
Semester One lectures commence 20 September
Semester One induction for first-year undergraduates 30 September/1 October
Semester One lectures commence for remaining learners 4 October
Online registration for Semester One closes 25 October
Assignment Week 8-12 November
Dublin campus graduations 8-11 November
Cork campus graduation 18 November
Limerick campus graduation 25 November
Online registration for Semester Two opens Early December
Semester One lectures end 17 December
Study Week 3-7 January
Exam Period 11-27 January
Study Week (First-year undergraduates) 17-21 January
Exam Period (First-year undergraduates) 24-28 January
Semester Two induction 2/3 February
Semester Two lectures commence 7 February
Provisional Exam results released  1 March
Online registration for Semester Two closes  4 March
Assignment Week 14-18 March
Semester Two lectures end 6 May
Study Week 9-13 May
Exam Period 17 May-2 June
Semester Three lectures commence 20 June
Official Exam results released  1 July
Exam Period 3-24 August


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Academic Calendar 2021/2022

Academic Calendar 2020/2021

In the case of part-time applicants, induction will take place during the evening of their first class.


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