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Griffith College has dedicated Schools Liaison Officers in Dublin, Cork, and Limerick. Our officers are here to help with inquiries from students, parents, guardians, teachers, guidance counsellors, principals and parents' associations. Our Schools Liaison Officers are available to visit schools nationwide to inform students on the courses available at Griffith College, to give advice and support to students and to highlight our various competitions and bursaries.

Last year we visited 80 schools across the country and attended numerous major student and careers fairs. We would also encourage students to visit our campus and can provide tours at a time that suits you. If you would like to book a presentation for your school or college or have any further questions, please contact:

[email protected]

Griffith College panellists speak with the Leaving Cert Guidance Podcast

School Initiatives and Student Opportunities at Griffith College, a conversation with the Leaving Cert Guidance Podcast

15 October, 2021

A team of Griffith College panelists spoke with the Leaving Cert Guidance Podcast.