Quality Assurance and Enhancement at Griffith College

Quality Assurance and Enhancement

Quality Assurance and Enhancement

Quality Assurance and Enhancement (QAE) refers to an ongoing, continuous process of monitoring, evaluating, maintaining and enhancing the quality of an education system, institution or programme. The college’s QAE Department's role is to develop and embed a culture of quality assurance and enhancement in the college's programme design, development and delivery, and related activities.

The QAE Manual describes the processes and policies for college activities such as: programme provision, application and admission, progression and assessment, quality assurance evaluation and review processes, accreditation and achievement, all the way through to graduation and reporting. The college is committed to implementing and monitoring these policies and procedures in a fair, transparent and accountable manner.

On this page, as well as an introduction to the QAE team, you will find the current QAE Manual, relevant resources for learners and staff, and information on individual policies.

If you require further information or details on a specific policy or process, please contact the QAE Department at [email protected].