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Research and Innovation Hub

Research and Innovation Hub

Welcome to the GBS Hub

The GBS Hub (Graduate Business School) is Griffith College's home of EU research and innovation. We are a vibrant hub of entrepreneurship that aims to bridge the gap between education and industry. We're your dedicated partners in propelling innovative ideas to success through dynamic consulting, services, and mentorship.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to excel in European Research and Innovation, forging partnerships that drive progress and empower individuals and organisations to surpass conventional boundaries. The college's Centre for Academic Excellence continues to promote research in relation to pedagogical practice and, by doing so, contributes to the enhanced learning, progression and performance of our learners.

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Our Expertise

With expertise in deep technology (Artificial Intelligence), Sustainability and circular economy, and healthcare, we actively nurture businesses with untapped growth potential, especially within the EU European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) project Smart4Future. As part of this project, we successfully supported 9 start-up companies and 3 student entrepreneurs through 
funded research.


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 The GBS Research and Innovation Hub is more than a centre—it's a catalyst for innovation, where ideas are nurtured, refined, and transformed into thriving businesses. Join us on this journey where research meets enterprise, and potential finds its ultimate expression. Together, let's shape the future of research and innovation.

Research and Innovation Team
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Highlights From Our Past Events

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Griffith College GBS Hub Innovation Bootcamp Highlights
GBS Hub: "Connect Further Education with AI" Event - thumbnail
GBS Hub: "Connect Further Education with AI" Event


Hear what some of the students who were at the recent GBS HUB events had to say

Ana Paula Elias  GBS Hub

If you believe in something and if you think you can make a change, go for it because you're not alone. Someone out there is interested in hearing your ideas and listening to what you have to say and maybe what you have to say could change the world. 

Ana Paula Elias Graduate of MSc in Accounting and Finance, Griffith College
Abul Kashem Golam Shahriar

I had never been out of the comfort of my own house or my country, and here I am today, holding a post-grad from one of the finest colleges in Europe and doing the unimaginable, participating in events such as GameOn. Where one competes against the brightest of minds based on the very business skills that I learnt, earned and honed from the Griffith College. For me, Griffith didn't teach me the illusions of becoming perfect, but rather prepared me to keep it real by placing my feet grounded with confidence and steeling my heart with courage and professionalism facing the future. 

Abul Kashem Golam Shahriar Graduate of PGDip in Finance and Accounting Management, Griffith College
tugay gbs

My Name is Tugay Cengiz and I studied the MSc in Big Data Management and Analytics | Griffith College and the Higher Diploma in Computing | Griffith College. The #GameOn Bootcamp was an epic experience for me. Crafting a comprehensive business plan required delving into years of accumulated knowledge and real-world case studies, while conveying the unvarnished truth necessitated sifting through vast amounts of data. Excited for changing traditional advertising, taking it beyond! 

Tugay Cengiz Graduate of MSc in Big Data Management and Analytics, Griffith College
julie sergent

I had the opportunity to spend a year studying at Griffith College as part of my Master 1 in the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Program. This culminated in my participation in the Innovation Bootcamp competition in October 2023, where I put my newly acquired knowledge into practice and faced an innovative panel of judges. Looking back, this year was much more than just an academic program, it was a formative adventure that shaped my perspective on the world and enabled me to get out of my comfort zone. 

Julie Sergent Dual Degree Student - Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Program
bootcamp aleksandra

My name is Aleksandra Kantysheva, I'm a second-year student of BA in Animation in Pulse College. I was a finalist in the 2023 Game on innovation bootcamp with GBS Reasearch and Development. My business idea came to my mind after my unsuccessful online shopping experience, when I faced several problems: long delivery, difficulty to make a refund, delivery fee is pretty high, and so on. I presented my solution to this problem at the bootcamp in front of an audience and judges.

Aleksandra Kantysheva Student BA in Animation Pulse College
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