Life at Griffith Halls of Residence

Life at Griffith Halls of Residence

Life at Griffith Halls of Residence (GHR) is exciting and diverse no two days or two people are the same. We aim to make life at GHR as enjoyable as we can and with that in mind, we would like to provide you with a taste of our halls - what makes us tick, what you can expect and why you should come join us.

In this section you can find information that will help you settle into life at GHR, including insights into our events and activities, our on-site restaurant Urban Square and some helpful PDFs that will help you make the most of your experience with us. 

The GHR community encompasses students from institutions all over Dublin, who have come to us from all over the world. Wherever you're from, there's a place for you here with us. 

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Are you an in-house resident who would like to speak with one of our residential assistants? You can contact them here. Not in-house? Find out more about RA events via Instagram.

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Winner of Best Student Accommodation in the 2021 Education Awards

An insight into campus life at Griffith

Griffith Halls of Residence regularly team up with other parties on campus to run student events and activities. These are held on and off campus and are open to all residents. Our student events are led by Residential Assistants (RAs), who are on hand to any resident who would like to get involved in these campus activities.

Upcoming student events are clearly promoted to residents around campus. We also communicate with residents via email and flyers to ensure that everyone’s aware when an event is planned.

Our RA’s Instagram is a great place to find news on upcoming events and view pics and videos from past student events.

Student Event Feedback

We always welcome student event and activity ideas from our residents. If you would like to get in touch with us, please email our marketing executive Patrick Reid with your thoughts.

We also welcome resident feedback on past student events. We encourage our residents to contact us at the same address as above, letting us know how events went.

We have a full calendar of events planned for the upcoming academic year. As we move through the year, we’ll be hosting seasonal student parties to mark major events like Halloween, Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day. We’ll also be organising intermittent student events throughout the year – pool tournaments, escape rooms and movie nights are among the events we have planned.

All residents are welcome to participate in events on campus.

You might also want to check out the Griffith College Student Union website for updates on campus activities not related to GHR. The Griffith College Activities Team, located in the Daniel O'Connell building, also promote events around Ireland. 

Student Communication and Updates

We communicate with residents regularly via email newsletters and updates, and via noticeboards posted around the residences and campus, letting them know what student events and activities are in the pipeline.



  • Griffith Halls of Residence, Griffith College Campus, 145 South Circular Road, Dublin 8, Ireland. 
  • Each apartment has its own unique Eircode (postcode)

Contact details:

Currently a resident? Find your address here.


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Urban Square has a variety of food and coffee options available. It also offers meal plan options which are pre-paid meal options for students who don't want to wash too many dishes, venture off campus too often to eat, or are price-conscious.


Griffith Halls of Residence (GHR) is committed to maintaining an environmentally friendly presence on campus.

We have set some ambitious sustainability goals for the coming years, and look forward to exceeding them.

The Accommodation staff have implemented a number of policies and initiatives in the Halls to limit our impact on the world around us.

  • Our residence takes recycling very seriously, especially when it comes to non-traditional recyclables like batteries and light bulbs. We encourage residents to return spent batteries and bulbs to staff.
  • Block 1 residents may notice a large herb garden growing next to their block. This garden contains ample amounts of rosemary and thyme.
  • Griffith Halls of Residence accommodation office has committed to paperless operation by 2025. We have already taken measures to achieve this.
  • In 2020-21, we removed all paper filing from our office. Our office staff have also elected to communicate with residents primarily via email this year and going forward.
  • Griffith Halls of Residence aims to reduce water usage by introducing aerators in apartments and reducing the amount of water used per toilet flush.
  • We have installed energy-efficient LED lighting in the underground car park and our fourth-floor corridors. All of our room lighting is LED. 
  • 60% of our in-house appliances are already energy-efficient and we intend to increase this percentage in the coming years. This includes a commitment to upgrading all apartment heating equipment by 2025.

It’s important that we recognise much of the waste we throw away can be re-used.

With that in mind, we have provided each apartment with their own recycling bin to ensure that all waste that can be reused is recycled.

The green recycling bins, provided to all apartments, can be used to recycle the following –

  • cardboard i.e. delivery packaging, cereal boxes, milk and juice cartoons etc.;
  • paper i.e. magazine, newspapers, pamphlets, envelopes and books;
  • metal food tins and drink cans;
  • plastic bottles

GHR operates a minimum waste policy.

GHR operates a single bin station, located to the side of Block 2B.

We plan to merge our waste management effort with Griffith College Dublin (GCD), which will lead to more recycling space (up from three 660 litre mixed recycling bins to five).

We believe that the merge with GCD will lead to less bins overall and less collections, meaning less waste to landfill, and more returning to the market as recycled products.

GHR intends to reduce the number of general waste bins overall – currently five 1100 litre bins.

We also have one 660 litre bin dedicated to glass recycling (green bin).

We communicate energy saving tips to residents during times of energy pressures i.e. boiling one cup of water at a time; using minimum lighting while in your kitchen and turning off all lights before you go to sleep, ensuring your heating is off before leaving your house. 

My name is Helene and I'm French. I've spent five months in Ireland for my studies. My friend and I were looking for accommodation and after a few visits to different flats we heard about Griffith Halls of Residence. For me, it's the best accommodation I have ever seen here. In every apartment you have a large living room shared with a well equipped kitchen. Bedrooms are spacious and there is a large desk to study. Griffith Halls of Residence is not only comfortable, it is safe, has parties organised and other services that I appreciated like the fitness room and laundry. So I spent 5 really good months here and I felt good in this accommodation. 

Helene Guyenot, DIT Student

I really enjoyed my stay at Griffith Halls of Residence. I appreciated the fact that you nicely handled my request to live with native English speakers. I had a very positive experience thanks to it. I wish you a very nice summer. 

Etienne Chavanne, GCD Student

Griffith Halls of Residence is a great place to live for a student studying in Dublin. It is conveniently close to the city centre, shops and restaurants. Griffith Halls of Residence offers a unique cultural setting accommodating students from all over the world. The staff is friendly and helpful and they make the transition of moving into the residence easy. While living at Griffith Halls of Residence I have received an education not only in school, but in life in Dublin as well. 

Timothy Naple, North Eastern University Student, USA

To live in Griffith Halls of Residence is a great deal between a quiet accommodation for studying and lots of opportunities to have fun on the campus. The staff is really nice and helpful. All is close to the residence i.e. shops, city centre etc. There are all the services I expected and even those I didn't such as the fitness room, good internet access, laundry and restaurant. If I had to come back to Dublin, I certainly would come back to Griffith Halls of Residence. 

Julien Ratel, DIT Student

First and foremost, thank you for the wonderful accommodation. Your staff made my stay a wonderful one! Griffith Halls was absolutely perfect in every way. From the moment I arrived in Ireland the accommodation team welcomed me and made me feel right at home. Griffith Halls of Residence is just ten minutes walking from the city centre and serviced by Dublin Bus so it was very convenient to go anywhere. So the location couldn't be better.

Vitaly Dramaretskiy, GCD Student

I like living in Griffith Halls of Residence simply because it is a safe, peaceful and comfortable place to come home to where the staff are very helpful and pleasant to everyone. It is near the city centre and in a part of Dublin which is well connected by bus routes and Luas lines. Overall, it has everything that a student needs; a nice, calm  atmosphere and no extra charges or poor facilities.

Aisling Flowers, GCD Student

I really enjoyed my stay. There are a lot of advantages for incoming students to stay as you don't have to look for an apartment, you're very close to college and you have everything you need very near i.e. fitness room, football pitch, Spar, Pinheads Pizza, and last but not least a 15 minute walk to the city centre. Have a great time at Griffith Halls of Residence!

Bernard Bodner, GCD Erasmus

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