Room Description

Room to Yourself

40 Week Pricing Starts From

€360 p.w


18 sq m

Number of Apartment Occupants

Typically 3 Occupants


Heating, Lighting, Water & Bin Charges


Free Wifi

Common Areas

Shared Kitchen and Living Room

Climate Control

Room Heaters


Want your own space at Griffith Halls of Residence? Then consider our King Deluxe option. Our King Deluxe option boasts a king bed, private bathroom, with the door in your bedroom.

This room type is more spacious than our standard ensuite option. Our King Deluxe is the same dimensions as our Shared Twin Room, but with just one occupant. 

Each single bedroom gives you the comfort of having your own private room. Each room contains a bed, desk (with under desk storage), bedside locker and wardrobe.

Typically you will be sharing the kitchen and living room facilities with three other students.

Couples who would like to share together can avail of our King Deluxe option. If you'd like to share with your partner, both simply need to make applications, don't assign youselves to space and contact [email protected] to ask to be assinged. Both will pay the 'shared twin' rate for their stay. 



Price & Booking Period

Booking Periods

20-Week Bookings

Autumn bookings are open to Griffith College partners only until May 31, after which all Griffith College learners will be eligible to book. Single semester bookings will not be open to non-Griffith College learners in Autumn 2023.

Full Academic Year Bookings

Full AY bookings are open to Griffith College learners only until a point in summer, after which we will open to all third-level students in Dublin.


AY23/24 - 20-Weeks Autumn

140 Nights – €402.15 per week

Check-in from 06 September. All contracts end on 24 January. All contracts charged from 06 September regardless of arrival date. 

Single semester bookings must be paid in full prior to arrival or monthly (see below). Two instalment payments are not applicable to single semester bookings.

All bookings require an application fee of €300 which becomes your deposit when you check in and is refundable at the end of your lease period in line with our terms and conditions. 

All periods are subject to availability. Find out which room types are available here.


AY23/24 - Full Academic Year

280 Nights – €360.01 per week

Check-in between 04 September-11 September. Check-out between 10 June-17 June. 

Full academic year bookings can be paid - in full prior to arrival, in two instalments or monthly. Please read below carefully for terms applicable to two-instalment and monthly payment.

All bookings require an application fee of €300 which becomes your deposit when you check in and is refundable at the end of your lease period in line with our terms and conditions. 

All periods are subject to availability. Find out which room types are available here.


Two Instalment

Our two instalment plan allows residents to pay 55% up-front prior to move in and the remaining 45% up to eight weeks after moving in. Residents wishing to pay in two instalments are required to pay a €500 admin fee. Two instalment plans are open to full AY students only. Two instalment plans are not open to single semester students. 


Pay Monthly

Our administration fee for those selecting a monthly payment plan is €500 (20 weeks) for all room categories. It is non-refundable.  A €300 deposit applies to monthly payments also (refundable at the end of your lease period in line with our terms and conditions). You are required to pay 2 months accommodation costs prior to check in and every 30 days thereafter you will pay monthly for the length of the contract.  

To apply we require the details of a guarantor who must live at an Irish address. Your guarantor will receive an email requesting proof of both address and income documentation to be sent to us.  

Proof of address from your Guarantor can be as follows; 

  1. Utility bills such as electricity or gas bills, or bills for fixed line telephone, internet or TV
  2. A letter from you GP showing your name, address and dates of attendance
  3. A letter confirming attendance at medical appointments which include your name and address
  4. A letter on headed paper from Sports Club/Social Club/voluntary organisation which shows your name, address and dates of attendance or involvement in the club or organisation

Proof of income from your Guarantor can be as follows; 

  1. Salary Certificate / Letter from employer
  2. Payslips (Two of most recent)
  3. Tax Statement (Employment Detail Summary (P60) equivalent or Tax Balancing Statements)

Your guarantor will co-sign your lease agreement agreeing to covering any accommodation costs which you default in remitting to ourselves.  You both will be required to provide evidence of an established standing order for your monthly payments prior to arrival.  

Please do not proceed with a monthly payment plan if your intended arrival is within eight weeks from today's date. The process of booking with us monthly requires the following administrative processes which take up to eight weeks to complete. The process includes:

  • Confirmation from your Guarantor that they wish to be named as such on your lease agreement.  
  • Management Approval of your Guarantors Proof of Address & Income Documentation prior to arrival.   
  • Management Approval of your Proof of Standing Order Established prior to arrival and evidenced to us.  
  • Lease agreement co-signed by you and your Guarantor.  


Important Information

Applicants booking any of our room types are required to pay their deposit within 14 days of booking. Accommodation fees are required at least one month prior to check-in date. This applies to all application periods. 

Lease agreement begins on contract start date. 

A €300 application fee payable online is required with all bookings.

The application fee is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation by the Applicant except where Griffith Halls of Residence is unable to offer you your choice of room type.

If you are a successful applicant, your application fee will be used as your security deposit. The security deposit is refundable 4-6 weeks after the end of term, assuming there is no loss or damage and as per the terms of the Community Values agreement. An application is not valid unless it is accompanied by the application fee.

Bed Linen & Crockery/Cutlery

GHR offer bed linen & crockery/cutlery as optional extras. The price of the pack is €81. It can be paid for during your booking journey. The items, once purchased, are yours to keep. They include: 1 Single Duvet 10.5 Tog, Cotton Duvet Cover, 1 Pillow, 1, Pillow Case, 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Mug, 1 Drinking Glass, 1 Small Plate, 1 Large Dinner Plate, 1 Cereal/Dessert Bowl, 1 Cutlery Set (Fork, Knife, Spoon & Tea Spoon). 

Photo Gallery

Room & Campus Facilities

Apartment & Room

  • The living area contains soft furnishings, a coffee table, a dining table and a set of chairs
  • Kitchens are equipped with all mod-cons. Among the items provided are – cooking hob, oven, toaster, microwave, fridge, freezer, iron and ironing board, hoover, cleaning equipment, cooking pots, storage cupboards and an electric kettle
  • Each apartment has an average floor area of 58 square metres, and is tastefully decorated with controllable heating
  • Price includes lighting, heating, refuse and water charges
  • Free wifi is available throughout the complex
  • Most apartments contain two twin rooms and a shared living space
  • Each two-bedroom apartment typically contains two bathrooms
  • There are several single rooms available in shared apartments
  • On-site laundry facility – €4.50 per wash and €3 per dry
  • A maintenance team is on-site to help residents resolve fixtures and fittings issues

On Campus

  • The campus is protected by a security team 24/7
  • Underground bike and car parking is provided free of charge
  • Access to campus library is available to residents
  • Fitness Room access (200 resident max.)

Griffith Halls of Residence​ has a number of different apartment configurations

  • Two shared twin rooms (most common – 4 residents in total)
  • One shared twin room and one single w/ private bathroom (3 residents)
  • One shared twin room and two singles w/shared bathroom (4 residents)

If you would like to share with a friend, simply pass them the details of your allocation so they can book a space in the same room or apartment during the self-assign process of our application form or book simultaneously.