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Each shared bedroom is specifically designed for two students to comfortably and easily share the living space. Every student will have their own set of furniture including bed (with under bed storage), desk (with under desk storage), bedside locker, and wardrobe.

Typically you will be sharing the kitchen and living room facilities with 3-4 other students. Within the apartment, there will typically be one bathroom to each bedroom (two people to a bathroom).

This a great option for friends who would like to live together, students coming from abroad or outside Dublin who would like to meet new friends and students who would like accommodation at the lowest price available.

If you’re looking to share with friends, this information is worth keeping in mind so you can sort among yourselves how you want to share before booking. If you would like to share with a friend, simply pass on the details of your allocation to them so they can book a space in the same room or apartment during the self-assign process of our application form. 

If you're not sharing with a friend, you can browse the personality attributes of potential housemates in the self-assign section of our booking form. Simply open up a bed space, click the chevron/arrow and hover over 'Occupied' to see their attributes - this should help you find a great match, 

Booking Periods

Semester Two

Price: €23.18 per night - subject to minimum nightly stay stay.

No fixed check-in date. Check in for Semester Two on any date prior to 13 April 2021. Latest check-out date is August 31 2021. Minimum period of stay required. 

Lease agreement begins on check-in date.

International residents will receive two weeks restricted movement complementary in addition to their booking. 

Additional nights, up to August 31 2021 are charged at €23.18. 


Applicants must agree to abide by the terms as set out in the Community Values Charter and Licence to Reside. 

A €300 application fee payable online is required with all bookings.

The application fee is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation by the Applicant except where Griffith Halls of Residence is unable to offer you your choice of room type, or in the circumstances detailed in our COVID-19 page where both the application fee and accommodation fees are refundable.

If you are a successful applicant, your application fee will be used as your security deposit. The security deposit is refundable 4-12 weeks after the end of term, assuming there is no loss or damage and as per the terms of the Community Values agreement. An application is not valid unless it is accompanied by the application fee.

Applicants booking any of our room types are required to pay their deposit within 14 days of booking and their accommodation fees (full payment) 21 days after the application date. 

Our Shared Twin Room. 

Apartment & Room

  • Optional crockery and cutlery and bed linen is built into the price of the room.
  • The living area contains soft furnishings, a coffee table, a dining table and a set of chairs.
  • Kitchens are equipped with all mod-cons. Among the items provided are: cooking hob, oven, toaster, microwave, fridge, freezer, iron and ironing board, hoover, cleaning equipment, cooking pots, storage cupboards and an electric kettle.
  • Each apartment has an average floor area of 58 square metres and is tastefully decorated with controllable heating.
  • Price includes lighting, heating, refuse and water charges.
  • Free wifi is available throughout the complex.
  • Most apartments contain two twin rooms and a shared living space.
  • Each two-bedroom apartment typically contains two bathrooms.
  • There are several single rooms available in shared apartments.
  • On-site laundry facility – €3.50 per wash and €2 per dry
  • A maintenance team is on-site to help residents resolve fixtures and fittings issues.

On campus

  • The campus is protected by a security team 24/7.
  • Underground bike and car parking are provided free of charge.
  • Access to campus library is available (subject to Covid guidelines).

Griffith Halls of Residence​ has a number of different apartment configurations 

  • Two shared twin rooms (most common – 4 residents in total)
  • One shared twin room and one single w/ private bathroom (3 residents)
  • One shared twin room and two singles w/shared bathroom (4 residents)

If you would like to share with a friend, simply pass them the details of your allocation so they can book a space in the same room or apartment during the self-assign process of our application form or booking simultaneously.