Our people - Atif Atif

Atif Atif


Location: Cork

Development Activities

Academic Qualifications
Intermediate in FSc. (pre-eng.) (Punjab College), BSc Computer Science (University of Bradford 2017), PhD in Machine Learning (UL, 2018-Present)


Atif started his PhD at the University of Limerick in September 2018 and plans to graduate in December 2022. Professor Conor Ryan supervises his PhD in the Biocomputing and Developmental (BDS) group. The project he is working on is called "Automatic Design of Digital Circuits (ADDC)" from Intel. Atif's research interests include Machine Learning, evolutionary algorithms, hierarchical fitness function(s), Problem Decomposition and Stock Market. Atif is the author of several research papers that have been published in various venues.  

Atif has been teaching in Griffith Colleges at Cork and Limerick campuses since Autumn 2022. He taught Concurrent Development and Numerical Optimisation to 3rd year students. He has been involved in various volunteer activities, including teaching programming skills to kids

Previously, he worked as a research assistant in Pakistan to predict stock market movements using machine learning techniques.