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Candlelight Concert Series Cork

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Griffith College Cork, October 7th - 28th, 2023.

The Candlelight Concert Series has been in full swing in Griffith College Cork, transforming this academic hub into a magical, multi-sensory musical wonderland.

The Candlelight Concert Series features a blend of classical and contemporary music performed in a beautifully illuminated setting. This year's October concert schedule promises to delight music enthusiasts of all tastes and ages.

October Concert Schedule:

  • October 7: Coldplay - The soul-stirring melodies of Coldplay resonated through Griffith College Cork, creating an atmosphere of serenity and euphoria.
  • October 14: Hans Zimmer - A musical legend in his own right, Hans Zimmer's compositions took centre stage.
  • October 20: Vivaldi's Four Seasons - Experience the timeless beauty of Vivaldi's Four Seasons as the musicians transport you to different seasons through their mesmerizing performance.
  • October 21: Coldplay - If you missed their first show, Coldplay will grace the stage once again to ensure no one misses out on their enchanting melodies.
  • October 28: Queen - Step back in time and rock out to the legendary tunes of Queen as the Candlelight Concert Series pays homage to rock royalty.

Each concert will offer two showings, at 7pm and 9pm, giving attendees the opportunity to choose the time that best suits them and indulge in an enchanting evening.

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