Griffith College in the Community

The Griffith College community is engaged with projects around the world. We started out lending a helping hand to our neighbours, and before we knew it we were contributing to initiatives as far away as Africa and the Caribbean. Our goal is to help students and communities succeed, and we work towards that goal in a wide variety of ways. 

Some of the ways we contribute to our local and national community include: 

Innocence Project

Griffith College offers students the opportunity to earn credit towards their degree by working with the Innocence Project, which is housed on-site at Griffith College. There, students work under the close supervision of practising solicitors and barristers to help to analyse case materials and to liaise with clients with a view to exonerating those clients who may have been wrongfully convicted.  

 The Irish Innocence Project at Griffith College has assisted large groups of persons in investigating their claims of factual innocence and has supported judicial review proceedings to clarify the law in access to evidence for post-conviction DNA testing. Additionally, we have publicised the plight of those who are the victim of a miscarriage of justice, and we helped to achieve a posthumous pardon for Mr. Harry Gleeson – the first such pardon in the history of the Irish state. 

The Project itself is an independent unincorporated association managed by a Board, which includes representatives from Griffith College, Trinity College, as well as solicitors and barristers. 

Free Legal Aid Clinic

The GCD Free Legal Advice Centre (FLAC) Project is a social and educational initiative of the Law Faculty of Griffith College Dublin in conjunction with FLAC. It has assisted numerous members of the Griffith College community in obtaining legal advice on a wide range of issues in the context of regularly-scheduled free legal advice clinics. It also engages in research regarding the effects of the law on specific groups within society. Additionally, the group run workshops to increase knowledge of certain areas of the law for students. 

Donore Credit Union

The first credit union in Ireland to reach their sixtieth anniversary, Donore Credit Union are neighbours of Griffith College's main Dublin campus, and the College is happy and proud to be one of its partners. In 2018, this partnership led to the creation of the Brendan Lynch Scholarship, named after the former Lord Mayor of Dublin and honorary director of Donore Credit Union. The scholarship of €3000 is intended to fund the studies of a Griffith College student who is also a member of Donore Credit Union.

Students from the Business faculty also took the opportunity to help out Donore CU. When CEO David McAuley wanted to increase membership in the fall of 2018, Griffith College students undertook market research to find ways to increase awareness, and particularly to increase the number of young people joining. Since their presentation, Donore has seen a growth of awareness and membership among Griffith students, and Donore is looking into offering more services for Griffith College students!

Griffith Halls of Residence Donations

Our colleagues at Griffith Halls of Residence are equally committed to contributing to the community and are involved with a range of charities of their own. Recently, they have supported Our Lady’s Hospice, Harold’s Cross and the Alice Leahy Trust, which offers assistance to Dublin’s homeless. They also collect bedding that has been left behind for donations to a local dog shelter, Dog’s Trust, providing much-needed comfort for dogs waiting to be rescued, and left behind electrical items are given to the Sue Ryder Foundation!

Kevin's Hurling & Camogie Club

Griffith College is pleased to support the local Kevin’s Hurling & Camogie Club. The College provides space for the club’s meetings as well as sponsoring flags and banners for matches. The College’s support extends to the technological, as well: Griffith provides camera equipment and training for matches to be filmed and promotes the club’s matches on social networks and in the media.  

Military History Society of Ireland

The Military History Society of Ireland, founded in 1949, promotes the study of military history, particularly as it relates to Irish history and Irishmen at war. Their twice-yearly publication, The Sword, is renowned for its scholarly treatment of military history. Griffith College is proud to support the group by providing them with free spaces to host their events.

Friends of the Vocal Arts

The Friends of the Vocal Arts is a not-for-profit charitable body chaired by Griffith College President Professor Diarmuid Hegarty. As organisers of the Veronica Dunne International Singing Competition, they oversee a triennial contest with a worldwide reach. The competition, named for Irish singing's grande dame, welcomes singers from around the world, and winners have come from countries as far away as Egypt, South Africa and New Zealand. More information on the 2022 competition can be found here.

Culture Night

Griffith College is pleased to participate in this Dublin-wide celebration of history and culture. Built on the site of the old Griffith Barracks, the main Griffith campus in Dublin sits on ground that has been host to thrilling events and people for hundreds of years. Daniel O'Connell was once imprisoned on the site, and it was even home to the 2nd Cavalry Unit of the Irish Defence Forces for almost 60 years. It is our pleasure to share this exciting history and all the stories it contains with the people of Ireland through the delivery of in-person and virtual tours.

Pieta House Fundraising

Since opening in 2006, Pieta house has helped over 30,000 people in suicidal distress or engaging in self-harm. With thirteen centres and over 250 therapists and administration staff, they provide free aid to everyone who comes through their doors. Griffith College Dublin was proud to support their 2018 FeelGood Week initiative with a campus bake sale. Learn more about the event here. Griffith College Cork, meanwhile, hosted a concert in support of Pieta House's vital work. A joint performance by the Cork Prison Officers Male Voice Choir and HFC Brass Band saw proceeds donated to Pieta House as well.

Cork Festivals

Griffith College Cork is an active participant in local festivals and events, hosting events like Cork’s Street Feast in June 2018 for the St. Luke’s neighbourhood. The campus’ historic chapel hosted several gigs as part of the Quiet Lights festival, including Slow Moving Clouds and Katie Kim and Radie Peat. The campus has also hosted literature & poetry readings in the garden as part of the Midsummer Festival. In 2021, the Cork Midsummer Festival was launched with the ringing of the Griffith College Cork church bell across the city. 

Cork Business Community

Griffith College Cork has hosted a number of events for the Cork business community, featuring esteemed speakers like Dr. Niamh Shaw, who spoke about setting and achieving professional goals, Alison Canavan, who led a wellness event and Virgin Media news presenter, Zara King, a panellist at a Network Cork and Griffith College Cork event entitled Outstanding Women in Business. The campus also played host to “Clock Out and Connect,” a Cork Chamber of Commerce business networking evening. Griffith College is proud to be part of Cork Chamber 200 Committee, preparing for the Cork Chamber of Commerce’s 200-year anniversary in 2019. The students volunteer every year to be part of the Irish Cancer Society Daffodil Day collection on the streets of Cork City.

Voices of Cork

Griffith College Cork is host to the Voices of Cork, four-part harmony community choir who meet every Wednesday evening in the Chapel to rehearse and perform. The aim of the choir is to provide choral music within the community with particular focus on people with limited access to such music and to give members of the community an opportunity to participate and become members of the choir, regardless of prior experience.

Cork English Language Students

Putting the language skills they're gaining into good use, English students in Cork have found various ways to get involved in the local community, including preparing and serving food to the homeless & hungry at Cork Penny Dinners and volunteering with the Cork Centre for Independent Living to assist service users with reading, using devices like iPads, painting and more. The students volunteer every year to be part of the Irish Cancer Society Daffodil Day collection on the streets of Cork City.