Leaving Cert Maths Resources

Prepare for Leaving Cert Maths with Griffith

Dr Tomas Mac Eochagain, Director of Academic Programmes at Griffith College and facilitator of the annual Maths Revision workshop for LC students, is offering support in an online format this year due to the government's COVID-19 restrictions. 

In the past, Tomás has delivered on-campus maths revision workshops to thousands of Leaving Cert students nationwide. His expertise, passion for maths and practical exam tips have been a hit with all the students attending the maths revision workshops in Griffith College Dublin, Cork and Limerick campuses over the years.  Tomás and the Griffith College Schools outreach team are pleased to provide an online resource to support this year’s Leaving Certificate students with their studies.

By clicking on the link below, students can create a profile on our Griffith Maths site and access maths resources for Higher Level Maths, Ordinary Level Maths and Árdteist Mata.

The resources contain;

  • Video tutorials for Calculus, Complex Numbers, Functions and Graphs, Probability (HL)
  • Video tutorials for Numbers, Complex Numbers, Tax & Finance, Patterns, Shapes & Sizes, Equations & Inequalities and Geometry (OL / OL Árdteist Mata).
  • Video tutorials explaining how to use mathematic formulas and solve mathematic problems
  • Class notes per concept for both HL / OL
  • Checklists per concept (OL)
  • Past exam papers HL / OL

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].