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Over 70 percent of Griffith students secure their dream job within 12 months

Griffith graduates powering ahead in their careers
Griffith College Graduates

71 percent of Griffith students are working in a related field.

A survey looking into the careers of the 2017 class at Griffith College has shown that a whopping 71 percent of graduates are currently working in a job related to the course they studied at Griffith. This shows the practicality and relevance of Griffith College courses to students who want to secure a rewarding career for themselves.

93 percent of students jump ahead in their careers

Another fantastic result from the survey shows that 93 percent of students are currently in employment or have progressed to further study. 

The top ten industries where Griffith College students are to be found are, in order,

  • Finance/Insurance
  • Computing
  • Design
  • Tourism/Hospitality
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Education
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Health/Welfare
  • Manufacturing Industries

The wide range of careers that Griffith College graduates find themselves in is a testament to the breadth and variety of courses on offer. 

In a reflection of the changing nature of employment today, 12 percent of the graduates who are working are also studying part-time. These students are clearly acknowledging the importance of continuous education.

This figure also speaks to how well Griffith College degrees are regarded by employers - students who have already secured employment can see the value their employer puts on upskilling.

Part-time education is also on the rise - with 31 percent of students now studying in this manner.

Emily Watts, of the admissions office at Griffith College says the results of the survey show the strength of a Griffith College degree.

"These results show exactly why students should consider coming to Griffith College," she says. "For 71 percent of our students to secure good jobs in the areas they studied in means that thousands of students every year are having a life-changing experience. Our students go on to work in Ireland's top tech firms, law firms, accountancy firms but also family businesses and even their own businesses. It shows that a degree at Griffith College can, and does, provide huge career opportunities for our students."