Overseas Officers

If you are a student interested in coming to Ireland and studying at Griffith College, you may want to speak to one of our overseas marketing officers. It may make it easier for you to submit your application, accept your offer, apply for a student visa and prepare for coming to Griffith College and Ireland. They will be able to offer you professional and reliable advice.


Ciarán Coakley

Regional Manager

Central and South America

Brendan McGerty

Marketing Manager


Zeliang Mao

Office Manager

Zeliang is based in Hubei and works with our partners and students in China.

Dongying Geng

Recruitment Support staff

Dongying is based in Hubei and works with our students in China.

France & Southern Europe

Catherine Papin 

International Relations Coordinator


Deepak Luthra

Head of Indian Office


B.M Chieng

Regional Marketing Officer

Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan

Selina Foley

Regional Manager


Seda Ozcan

Regional Manager