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Build Your Career at Griffith College With a July Stimulus Course

Griffith College is offering FREE and 90% funded courses as part of the July Stimulus initiative
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This winter, Griffith College is offering several courses that will be funded by the Government of Ireland and the Higher Education Authority (HEA). With a special December intake this year, the funding will provide inexpensive, or even fully covered costs for courses. This start in December has been added due to the July Stimulus package, announced earlier this year by Minister of Higher Education, Simon Harris. The July Stimulus funding is aimed at providing opportunities for individuals to refresh their skills throughout their professional life. Unemployed applicants will receive full funding, and employed applicants will receive 90% funding. The funded courses will take place online, with a mix of evening classes and weekend workshops. These funded courses include Postgraduate diplomas and certificates, and are a great place to look when you are looking for the next step in your career progression. Whether you are looking for a way to enhance your management skills, or perhaps understand more about the Web, take a look at some of the opportunities that Griffith’s funded courses can offer you. 

Our July Stimulus Postgraduate Diplomas

One of Griffith’s popular courses is the Procurement and Supply Chain Management Postgraduate Diploma. Griffith’s award-winning course is designed with the working professional in mind. This diploma allows you to become an expert in global procurement and supply chain matters, through exciting guest and industry expert lecturers, as well as research to further your knowledge of the dynamic business arena. You will study not only the financial side, but look into international business, and even leadership and managerial development. Plus, Griffith’s Procurement and Supply Chain course looks into progressive theories such as sustainable procurement. Our course will equip students with the specialist skills required for successful careers in the Procurement and Supply Chain Management fields across a broad range of industries. 

Design Certificates

Another funded course offered is the Web, Interaction and UX Design Certificate. This course allows you to work past your basic understanding of web design, by developing design skills and learning to build more complex websites. With a mix of online and blended workshop opportunities, this course teaches web communication and goes beyond the basics, explaining important SEO techniques in order to focus on providing optimal user experience. Students in this course will overall gain valuable knowledge and develop practical skills used for the design and management of online communication.

Business Management Certificate

Another highly sought after Certificate is the Business Management. This certificate is perfect for those who are looking to learn the ways of effective management using analytical skills, communication, decision-making and problem-solving skills. This course explores the relationship between an organisation’s strategy, its culture, and communications policies and procedures, along with the financial management of a business. Covering technologies for business, as well as looking into the ethical and legal aspects of business management, this course provides a rounded education that is necessary to develop an understanding of the dynamic environment that comes with business management. 

Benefit from the July Stimulus Initiative

With this July Stimulus initiative in mind, the overall goal of these funded courses is to provide the perfect place to start when looking for ways to progress your adult career. Enhancing your undergrad knowledge by building with our postgrad diplomas and certificates will not only boost your resume, but increase your technical and mental skills. Take advantage of the funded courses this winter. You may qualify to enrol for free courses, combined with a premier education from Griffith College, an opportunity that does not come often.


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