TOPSIM Simulations Offered Through Griffith College

Monday, February 22, 2021

What is TOPSIM?

TOPSIM business simulations provide the opportunity to develop core business and entrepreneurial skills before going out into the real world. The simulations apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations and encourage active participation, pushing students to learn more. For example, participants will take on the role of the management boards of a company and be faced with everyday business industry challenges, such as accounting, team planning, and marketing basics. With the holistic idea of “learning business by doing business”, TOPSIM at Griffith College offers a unique way to delve deeper into your business education.

TOPSIM Simulations

The TOPSIM - General Management simulation provides a risk-free platform to focus on different business methods, practice entrepreneurial uncertainties, and build teamwork. Throughout the course, students work with a team and play different business roles, allowing for a simulated hands-on experience. The TOPSIM website describes the simulation, saying:

“The competitive industry simulation game TOPSIM - General Management is an advanced management simulation that demonstrates the complex issues being faced by a medium-sized production firm in the printer and photocopier sector. Players act as the managers, taking strategic and operational decisions in marketing, sales, research and development, purchasing, manufacturing, human resources and administration. They learn how to deal in a structured way with a large amount of information, and to assess the implications of their decisions.”

With the TOPSIM - easy management simulation, students get to focus on strategic decision making. Throughout the course, students get to manage a virtual business, in charge of all the planning and strategic operations. TOPSIM describes this simulation as, “The strategic business simulation game TOPSIM - easy management simulates the business environment of an outdoor tent production firm. The players act as the managers, taking business decisions in production, sales, human resources, administration and finance. This simple management simulation gives users a basic understanding of business management and the business environment. It is ideal for use at one-day events, in introductory classes at universities and in basic business seminars.”

An Education Through Griffith

Currently, two business simulations are used at Griffith College: TOPSIM - General Management and TOPSIM - easy management. By taking Griffith business courses, students get to take advantage of TOPSIM simulations in order to practice real-world problems to prepare them for the business world. Both of these simulation-based classes will increase knowledge in economic theory, business tools and techniques, and optimise decision making and planning skills. 

Check out TOPSIM’s blog post here.

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