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Griffith College is committed to maintaining a supportive environment

Disability Support

Disability Supports

Griffith College is committed to maintaining a supportive environment whereby students are encouraged and facilitated, enabling them to maximise their potential, both educationally and socially.  

Disclosure and Confidentiality

In order to be in a position to assist learners who may have particular requirements, the College requests students to formally disclose any disability or requirement they have to the College.  In the case of new applicants this disclosure may be made directly to the Admissions Manager and detailed by means of a separate attachment to the admissions form.  Current students with particular disabilities or changes in their circumstances are asked to discuss their needs and requirements with their Programme Director.

Once formally disclosed to the College, the learner’s particular circumstances and requirements can be considered in detail allowing the College to provide a range of additional supports where appropriate.  Formal consideration by the College may also be guided by supporting documentation, and discussions with external professionals with more detailed knowledge of the learner’s particular capabilities and requirements.  

Specific disabilities include:  

  • Sensory (Blind / Vision Impaired, Deaf and Hard of Hearing)
  • Mental Health Difficulties
  • Physical Difficulties
  • Significant Ongoing Illness
  • Specific Learning Difficulties (such as dyslexia, etc.)     

 All disclosures by the learner to the College are treated in strict professional confidence, and relayed only to the extent necessary to provide whatever supports are agreed.

Supports Available:

While the College continues to extend its range of facilities for learners with particular needs, it recognises that there may be learners for whom its existing services will be insufficient.  For this reason, it is important that all learners who have particular requirements engage formally with the College in advance of commencing their programme.  In this way the College can consider its ability to meet their particular needs, and allow learners the opportunity to make fully informed decisions about the College’s suitability for their needs. 

Current examination supports include:

  • Provision of a reader or other suitable person appointed by the Examinations Office to read the examination paper to the learner
  • Extra time to allow for different reading and writing speeds and to allow time for editing.
  • Allowances / waiver for spelling and punctuation and / or handwriting
  • Use of a dictionary or other spelling aid
  • Use of a laptop
  • Use of a scribe
  • Use of a tape recorder / dictation machine
  • Use of a private room
  • Provision of examination papers in an alternative format

Ongoing Academic Supports include:

  • Lecture notes and PowerPoint slides in an alternative format
  • Assistance in photocopying peer notes

All learners, regardless of their needs are offered continuous and ongoing academic support through the College’s structure of Programme Directors, Year Head Tutors, Lecturers, Librarians and Administrators, with their participation in social and personal development activities facilitated by an active students’ union and College societies.

Physical Access to Buildings

Due to the historical nature of some of the College’s buildings in Dublin, Cork and Limerick certain buildings or sections of buildings offer limited access to students with physical disabilities.  As significant access has been provided where permitted, and all new buildings are fully accessible, the College is able to meet the needs of some learners with physical disabilities.

The College would be delighted to meet any candidate in advance of course commencement to arrange a detailed tour of the College to assist them in determining the College’s suitability for their needs.