Disability & Learning Supports

Here at Griffith College, we are committed to maintaining a supportive inclusive environment within which learners can reach their educational potential

Current Students

The Learning Support Office works with learners and staff to promote a positive and successful learning experience for learners with disabilities and specific learning difficulties.

A range of supports are available, including:

  • Needs assessment - Confidential meeting to assess learning needs and the learner’s accompanying documentation in order to agree the appropriate supports that may be required.
  • Reasonable accommodations - Reasonable accommodations aim to remove the impact of a disability within the learning environment, so that learners can demonstrate their full level of academic potential.  Examples include: spelling and grammar waiver, additional time, scribe and reader support and low distraction venues during examinations.
  • Invitations to key skills workshops - Topics include time management, planning for success in assessments and exam revision techniques.
  • One to one support meetings

You can learn more about the Learning Support Team on this video.

Please note: Early disclosure of disabilities (ideally at admission stage) is vital to allow for the necessary supports to be agreed and put in place from the beginning of the learning journey.

The Learning Support service operates Monday – Wednesdays throughout the academic year. Please get in touch by:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +353 1 416 3376
  • Office location: E002, Dublin Main Campus


Prospective Students or Applicants

While the College continues to extend its range of facilities for learners with particular needs, it recognises that there may be learners for whom its existing services will be insufficient. For this reason, it is important that all learners who have particular requirements engage formally with the College in advance of commencing their programme. In this way, the College can consider its ability to meet their particular needs, and allow learners the opportunity to make fully informed decisions about the College’s suitability for their needs.

Griffith College is a member of DAWN (Disability Advisors Working Network).

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