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Our Counselling & Psychotherapy courses are offered by ICHAS (Irish College of Humanities and Applied Science) at Griffith College Dublin.

Why study at ICHAS?
Why study with ICHAS at Griffith?

Counselling courses include personal development, transferable skills, theory-based modules and student practice placement. As well as offering a range of part-time courses aimed at those seeking to pursue related careers, we also provide short courses so you can explore counselling as an interest or for your own personal development.

Blended Study Options
A classroom that works for you

All counselling courses are offered by ICHAS at Griffith College Dublin. ICHAS are at the forefront of the education and training of counsellors in Ireland. The programme uses both classroom-based and blended learning techniques. This allows the learner to access classes in person or using on-line facilities to allow for a better work/life/study balance. In certain modules attendance may be a requirement.

Practical experience
Prepare for professional life

Students will gain practical experience in all elements of counselling, which they can later apply to their personal and professional lives. Further, graduates will be well prepared to move on to a higher level course or to reach new levels of success in their careers.

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