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John McDonough


John is a highly experienced industrial engineer, project manager, and training manager. He has extensive business management experience and is a skilled Risk Assessor with significant understanding in driving contingency planning for complex manufacturing operations.

His professional experience also includes several years as part of the management team at Bausch and Lomb. Whilst there, he focused chiefly on the engineering function and the development of research and development programmes in partnership with Trinity College Physics Dept.

He then moved to the Intel Corporation, initially managing the FAB14 production area with over 500 reports, progressing from senior project manager to internal auditor, before being promoted to training manager. During this time, he worked on the development, implementation and delivery of training programmes at all levels across the site.

John is the National Secretary of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers which is also the 80th Chapter of the American Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. He also holds a number of patents in laser technology with Trinity College.