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MSc in Global Brand Management

MSc in Global Brand Management


Pioneering programme provides students with a wealth of knowledge in international business and brand management

Students are given a thorough grounding in current theoretical brand management concepts, marketing models, and tools, as well as new ways of analysing, assessing and developing brand strategies, campaigns and insights.

Why Study Global Brand Management at Griffith College

Our MSc in Global Brand Management programme is available on a full-time basis over a one-year period and is focused on developing students' understanding, insights and skills to enable them to become an invaluable resource to global brands in a dynamic and rapidly changing world.

  • Students will gain knowledge and understanding of key areas of international business management including storytelling, brand identity, marketing models and content production.
  • Students will apply learning to real and complex problems experienced by global brands and use their knowledge to find creative solutions.
  • Visiting Global Brand Teams devise and monitor real-life practical assignments enabling students to prove themselves on global assignments and gain the confidence, skill and experience to further their personal and professional development in this field.
  • Students have the opportunity to further their studies by enrolling on our MBA in International Business.
  • highly practical learning approach taught by a Graduate Business School lecturing team with outstanding industry experience.

Intake Dates

We run 2 intakes for this course commencing in Autumn and Spring.

  • September 2021*
    • Classes will start on 20 September.
  • February 2022*

*subject to sufficient numbers

What our students say

The masters in Global Brand Management is a huge step forward for me. Of course, it is also a perfect complement to my career. During classes it was very clear how the experience of the lecturers matched perfectly with what I want and with my background. In my opinion, this is priceless!

Lina María Jiménez Ángel
MSc in Global Brand Management

I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and helpful the staff and lecturers are at the college. This year has by far been the highlight of my study career because I enjoyed not only my time at Griffith College but also my fellow students from all over the globe each contributing a piece of their culture to the overall atmosphere.

Amoré Thea Ziegler
MSc Global Brand Management

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