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Marcus Gatto


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Marcus Gatto

Development Activities
Academic Qualifications: 
Bachelor of the Arts in French Language and Literature, magna cum laude, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA; Master of the Arts in Philosophy and Public Affairs, first class honours, University College Dublin
Professional Qualifications: 
Juris Doctor (Doctor of Law), magna cum laude, Tulane University Law School, Louisiana, USA

Marcus is Programme Director for the LL.B. (Hons) degree programme (blended). He also lectures on jurisprudence, international human rights law and is the coordinator for the Innocence Project module for the faculty. Prior to joining the faculty, Marcus held lecturing and tutoring positions in law and ethics. He currently lectures on international human rights law in Dublin with the Dublin City University/Boston University abroad programme.

Marcus brings valuable experience to his teaching of international human rights law having worked and studied for extended periods in Germany, Brazil, France, and the US. His areas of particular interest are in jurisprudential studies, including international human rights law, legal ethics, environmental law and comparative public and private law. He is currently co-authoring a book on contract law due for publication in 2018.