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Nicholas McMurry

Development Activities
Academic Qualifications: 
PhD in Human Rights Law, NUIG 2017; Postgrad Cert in Education and Training, GCD 2012; LLM in Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Law, NUIG 2011; MPhil in Music, UCC 2003; BA Hons in History & Latin, TCD, 1997

Nicholas McMurry is Programme Director for the Faculty of Law in Griffith College Cork.  He graduated with a PhD supervised by Dr Shane Darcy from the Irish Centre for Human Rights in the National University of Ireland Galway in September 2017.  His academic work focuses on the human rights principle of participation, and the relationship between human rights and democracy, and he has a particular interest in minority rights and asylum law.  He has worked professionally in research, advocacy and education since 2011. He is a founding partner of Shared Insight, and has carried out socio-legal research and advocacy for the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, the Mandaean Human Rights Group, Respond! Housing Agency, EIL Intercultural Learning and Cork City Council.  He has co-ordinated and delivered modules in law in NUI Galway and in Griffith College Cork, and has been a tutor in law in University College Cork and a facilitator on the Stand Global Issues course.

Book Chapters: 
McMurry, N., “A Human-rights based Approach to Participation: Outline and Assessment” in Pirc, T (ed.), Participation, Culture and Democracy: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Public Engagement and Social Communication (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018
McMurry, N., “Privatisation and the Obligation to Fulfil Rights” in Letnar Černič, J. & van Ho, T. (eds.), Human Rights and Business: Direct Corporate Accountability for Human Rights (Wolf, 2015), pp. 251–262.
Peer Reviewed Journals: 
McMurry, N., “Applying Human Rights to Enable Participation” (2019, forthcoming) International Journal of Human Rights.
McMurry, N., “Participation Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Minorities: The Expanding Scope of Self-Determination and Free, Prior and Informed Consent” (20 Feb 2017) Cork Online Law Review Letters.
McMurry, N., “Fulfilling the Right to Privacy: Positive Obligations to assist those in Inadequate Housing” (2012) 15 Trinity College Law Review 35–56.
. McMurry, N., “Water Privatisation: Diminished Accountability” (2011) 5(2) Human Rights and International Legal Discourse 233–263.
Conference Papers: 
McMurry, N., “Participation under Human Rights Law”, Association of Human Rights Institutions, Annual Conference, Renewing Rights in Times of Transition, Edinburgh, 6th–8th September 2018.
McMurry, N., “A Human Rights Based Approach to Participation”, Development Studies Association of Ireland Annual Conference, Dublin, 23rd–24th November 2017.
McMurry, N., “Participation under International Human Rights Law”, International and Comparative Law Conference, Griffith College Dublin, 10th June 2016.
McMurry, N., “A Human-Rights Based Approach to Participation: A Proposed Framework”, Participatory Culture and the Future of Democracy, Krakow, 29th September–1st October 2016.
McMurry, N., “Fulfilling rights under privatisation”, GLOTHRO Workshop on the Direct Human rights Obligations of Corporations in International Law, Lake Bled, Slovenia, 17th–19th January 2013.
McMurry, N., “Rights of Mandaean Refugees under International Law”, the Mandaean Human Rights Group Conference, House of Lords, London, 26th April, 2012.
McMurry, N. & O’Sullivan, S., “A Right to Participation: A Conversation between Human rights Law and Democratic Theory”, Beyond the Law: Critical Reflections on International Human Rights Law and Policy, Griffith College Cork conference, Imperial Hotel, C
Official Reports: 
McMurry, N. & Mandaean Human Rights Group, Submission to Human Rights Committee’s Periodic Review of Iraq, 2014
McMurry, N. & Mandaean Human Rights Group, Submission to Universal Periodic Review of Iraq, 2014
McMurry, N. & Atkins, S., Research conducted for the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission on why asylum seekers spend so long in Direct Provision, 2014. Unpublished.
O’Sullivan, S., McMurry, N., Desmond, E. & O’Connell, C. “The provision of Adult and Community Education in the Northside of Dublin City”, for Respond! Housing Association, 2014
O’Sullivan, S., O’Connell & McMurry, N., “The provision of Adult and Community Education in the Northside of Cork City”, for Respond! Housing Association, 2013
McMurry, N. & O’Sullivan, S., A ‘Method Statement’ for EIL’s Development Education Programme, 2013.