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Music and Multimedia

Courses include the BA in Music Production, MSc in Applied Digital Media, Diploma in Media Techniques (TV & Video), Diploma in Sound and Music Technology & Cert in Music Production
ba music production
certificate music production for games


Multimedia covers a wide range of disciplines and a strong grounding in this field is becoming increasingly important for those students wishing to begin or progress a career in the creative industries. Griffith College offers a selection of multimedia programmes in areas such as Music Production, Digital Media, Media Techniques, Sound and Music Technology, and Journalism and Visual Media. BA in Music Production MSc in Applied Digital Media Diploma in Media Techniques (TV & Video) Diploma in Sound and Music Technology BA in Journalism & Visual Media Certificate in Music Production for Games - See more at: here

Induction 2017

Induction 2017

13 September, 2017

This Thursday and Friday we’ll be having our induction day for our new full-time students