Before the Examination

For programmes that are divided into semesters, examinations typically take place at the end of each semester. Where modules extend across two semesters, the examinations are typically held at the end of the second semester. A supplemental examination sitting normally takes place at the end of the academic year and before the next academic year starts – typically August.

Examination dates and times can be found on Moodle.

Examination venues can be found during the exams on timetables displayed both in the Conference Centre (in the lobby and on the second floor) and on the examination noticeboard (located beside the elevator on the ground floor of the Link block, between the A block and the D block).

Please note that timetables will be displayed in the Conference Centre on the morning of each day’s examinations, while timetables will be displayed on the examination noticeboard on every afternoon of  the preceding exam day.

Students should attend the exam venue at least 30 minutes before the start of the examination.

Students should note that the doors WILL be closed 5 minutes before the start of the exam to allow the Invigilators to make the exam announcements. Learners who arrive late will be admitted at 15-minute intervals for the first hour of the exam.

Photographic ID (student card/driver’s licence/passport) must be provided to access the exams hall.

During the Examination

Pens, erasers, pencils and rulers are allowed into the exam hall. If you are permitted to use a programmable calculator or reference material, please have it ready for inspection.

Electronic devices of any kind, including mobile phones, smart watches, or smart glasses are not allowed in the exam hall. In addition, pencil cases, unapproved books, paper, or notes of any description are not allowed in the exam hall.

Any unauthorised material found in your possession will be confiscated immediately and your actions may be construed as an attempt at cheating. A full investigation will take place, which may result in disciplinary action.

Exam papers are closed book. You are not permitted to access any material unless the instructions on your exam paper state otherwise.

Students can leave the exam hall, or take a toilet break, in the middle part of the examination – e.g. for a three-hour exam, students are allowed a toilet break or leave the exam after the first hour has passed and up until the third hour begins. 

After the Examination

All programmes within the College are assessed on the Percentage Grading Scheme (%).

In the case of all undergraduate and most post graduate programmes, the pass mark is 40%. For some post graduate programmes, the pass mark is 50%.

Learners must achieve the minimum pass mark in each module. Where modules are assessed by more than one component, learners normally must pass each component. To find out the breakdown of assessment in each module, please refer to the approved programme schedule in your pack. Please refer to Interpreting Results.

To access your results, please log into mygriffith.ie using your student number and password and click ‘Exam Results’. Please note that results remain provisional until they have been approved at the relevant examinations board. Transcripts of your results are issued by your Faculty Administrator, in hard copy, on completion of your programme.

Deferrals are only granted for reasons such as bereavement, illness or extenuating circumstances such as caring for others or jury duty (this would require supporting documentation). Deferral of an examination is called an ‘Assessed Work Deferral’. In the event that you need to defer your assessment to the next exam sitting due to illness or extenuating circumstances, you must submit a Learner Record Amendment Form (LRAF), which is available to download from Moodle.

Please note that assessment deferrals are granted for one semester only. For further information, please refer to Quality Assurance & Enhancement | Griffith College.