Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

January 2022 examinations

In the light of recent concerns about rising COVID infection rates and to ensure the continuity of your programmes after the Christmas break, the college has decided that January end-of-semester examinations will be held online rather than on campus

The timetable for examinations remains unchanged.

Details of the college’s online proctoring system have been emailed to you.  If you are registered to take an exam in January and have not received an email regarding this, please contact [email protected]

For information on the Better Examinations proctoring system, including access to practice exams and support sessions, please refer to Moodle Student Support page.

Before the Examination

Yes, all examinations originally scheduled to happen this year are going ahead as planned. The exam schedule has not changed, so the date and times of the examinations communicated to you will not change. The difference this time is that instead of coming to the College to do the examination, you will log in to the Better Examinations proctored exam system.

The start time for all examinations are set using Irish Standard Time. This ensures that all learners get to see the examination paper at exactly the same time and no one sits it after it has become public. This ensures the integrity of the awards for all learners. The college recognises and regrets that the use of Irish Standard Time involves inconvenience for learners in different time zones.

If you are scheduled to sit an examination in January 2022, then you are still expected to do so. Normal deferral arrangements are in place and if you are not in a position to sit the examination in January, you can apply to your faculty for a deferral in the normal way.

If your camera is not working, you will not be able to access the exam paper in the Better Examinations system.

During the Examination

If there is an issue during the exam, you will need to use the hotline telephone number which will be provided to you on the exam paper.

Exam papers are closed book. You are not permitted to access any material unless the instructions on your exam paper state otherwise.

The exam paper will be available to you on the Better Examinations system.

As this is an online exam, printing is not permitted.

There is a live chat facility via a help button and someone will be able to assist. It is essential that you complete at least one of the practice exam sessions to ensure that you can access the systems and that your computer is compatible. For more details on this, please go to Moodle Student Support page.

If an internet outage occurs during your exam, the Better Examinations system will detect that you have an outage and will record the duration of the outage. You should keep trying to log back into the system. Please note that clicking “stop sharing” is not classed as an internet outage.

Submitting the Completed Examination

If your exam answers are typed, all you need to do is press “finish” and your exam paper will be submitted.

If your exam answers are handwritten, you will need to scan the answers to each question separately and upload your PDF file to Better Exams, For more information on how to do this, please visit Moodle Student Support page.

If you are permitted to handwrite your script, you will need to scan all the pages of each question into one file and save it as a PDF. The college recommends that you use MSLens, to do this. The application is free to download. Instructions on downloading and using MSLens are provided here.  Please practise using it so that it’s familiar to you when you’re submitting your exam. If you have another scanning app that you are more familiar with, or you have a scanner at home, and you wish to use them that is also okay.