Alumni Profiles

Welcome to Our Alumni Profiles Series

With over 40,000 alumni to have passed through Griffith College since 1974, there are many journeys to discover. Whether it's about their time in Griffith, their background or the challenges they overcame. Every alumni has a story to tell.

Meet Zandile Precious Shabalala, Oisín Finegan & Vibhuti Desai


Zandile Precious Shabalala, a resilient LLHB degree graduate from Griffith College, embarked on her academic journey part-time, graduating in 2023. Currently studying at the King's Inn having passed her entrance exams in 2023, Precious's pursuit of education was driven by a profound need for hope.

"When you do not fit in anywhere else in the world, you will be home at Griffith College," she reflects, encapsulating the inclusive spirit she found at the institution.

A pivotal moment at Griffith was when Jane, a supportive lecturer, encouraged Precious to overcome her fears. "Precious, people like you change the world. You will make a great barrister if you choose because few people ask those questions," Jane assured her. This encounter became a pivotal moment, inspiring Precious to take the next step towards her aspirations that led her to Griffith to begin with.

Beyond academic achievements, Precious takes pride in discovering her true self, leaving a positive mark on others. "Beside being a mother and a grandmother, I am proud that I found what makes me, me. Every time I meet people, I always leave a mark on their lives for the better, and am able to learn from them too," she shares.

Precious's current pursuits extend beyond her role as a housekeeper. She is dedicated to learning Chinese and Korean, aspiring to work in those countries to foster global understanding and unity. Her vision is grounded in the belief that diverse cultures can comprehend and appreciate each other as humans.

Reflecting on her past challenges, Precious's advice is grounded in resilience: "challenges seem bigger than they appear to be if you are willing to put just one foot in front of another. And cry and laugh at the same time."

For Precious, a successful career means being able to speak without being disrespected. Her future plans involve inspiring single mothers to change the world for their children. She seeks support from the college to make a difference and hopes for increased assistance for individuals with unique journeys, like hers. In her words, "The support I am looking for is to be able to make a difference, and the college to support more people like me."


Oisín Finegan, a 2017 graduate with a BA in Film and TV Production from Griffith College, embarked on a full-time academic journey that has shaped his career in unexpected ways. Currently serving as the Sales and Admissions Supervisor at Griffith College Dublin, Oisín is deeply connected to the institution that has been a pivotal part of his life.

Oisín's initial attraction to Griffith College stemmed from the campus's rich history and architectural charm. "What attracted me to Griffith College was the campus. Its history old buildings, its cavalry buildings where they used to keep horses, and the new Auditorium," he reminisces. Describing the college in one sentence, Oisín portrays it as a "historic and prestigious College with great lectures within great faculties."

Reflecting on his time at Griffith, Oisín cherishes memories of camaraderie and creative endeavors. "My memories of Griffith College come from the friends I have made and the places we used to hang out around the campus. Working on our projects, working on films, being in the editing room—those are the memories I will hold on to."

In his current role, Oisín navigates a dynamic blend of creative and administrative responsibilities as a supervisor for the National Admissions Office. "I manage the Admissions Mailbox and help out with applications throughout the application process. I also help out on photoshoots and film shoots that the Marketing Office has."

Proudly reflecting on his achievements, Oisín states, "My proudest achievement is making my parents proud." The inspiration for his current career path is deeply rooted in his connection to Griffith College. Offering his advice to overcome challenges, he adds, "You don't know how bright your future will be if you hide in the shadow of your past."

For Oisín, a successful career is synonymous with "doing something you love." Beyond his professional endeavors, he is an avid flag football competitor, assists his father in various projects, writes poetry, takes photos, and plays the piano.

Looking ahead, Oisín's future plans revolve around helping others, a mission aligned with Griffith College's ethos of support. "My future plans are to help as many people as I can. I feel that Griffith has always done the same for me. Griffith continues to do everything they can do to help."



Vibhuti Desai, a 2022 graduate with an MSc in International Business Management from Griffith College, embarked on a full-time academic journey guided by a friend's suggestion who was already a student at Griffith. Currently serving as a Marketing Executive at Griffith College Dublin, Vibhuti navigates her professional path with enthusiasm.

Reflecting on her time at Griffith, Vibhuti fondly recalls the challenges and triumphs of moving to another country during the pandemic. "One of the best memories I have of Griffith is the friends I met and made here. It is a difficult journey to move to another country, especially in the middle of the pandemic. I am really happy with the people I met here, and I know some of them will be friends for life."

Vibhuti served as President of Griffith College Students' Union in the 22/23 academic year following completion of her program. Now in her current role as a Marketing Executive, Vibhuti collaborates with various faculties within the college, addressing their promotional and marketing needs. Her work involves a dynamic range of responsibilities aimed at enhancing the college's outreach and engagement.

Beyond Vibhuti's journey at Griffith College not only shaped her academic and professional trajectory but also provided a supportive network of friends who have become a lasting part of her life.

As Vibhuti continues to contribute to Griffith College's marketing endeavors, her journey remains a testament to the transformative power of education and the enduring connections forged during the pursuit of knowledge.

Meet Shane Brock, Véronica Herrera & Berta Mars

shane brock

Shane Brock, a 2022 graduate with a BA (Hons) in Communications and Media Production from Griffith College, embarked on a full-time academic journey that ignited his passion for journalism and media production. Shane's initial attraction to Griffith College was sparked during an open day where the journalism and media production course caught his eye. "After searching for the right course for a while, I decided to attend an open day at Griffith College Dublin. It was the journalism and media production course that first caught my eye," he shares.

Describing Griffith College in one sentence, Shane characterizes it as "A small yet global village of education, perfect for students seeking a hands-on and tight-knit learning experience." His time at Griffith College is marked by numerous fond memories, particularly the camaraderie forged during group projects in modules like video production and radio production. "Working in small team environments was really rewarding, and close bonds were made along the way," he reminisces.

In a previous role as a TV Researcher and Freelance Journalist, Shane lead the research for an RTÉ Commissioned documentary series with a small TV production company, he delved into Ireland's museums, galleries, and libraries to uncover hidden historical artifacts and oddities. His responsibilities included researching locations, items, custodians, donors, and staff, presenting detailed briefs to producers and directors, conducting interviews, transcribing, assessing feasibility, inclusivity, educational value, storyboarding, and recceing locations.

Proud of his achievements to date, Shane highlights his extended role in this production, initially meant for a few weeks during pre-production but extended to over five months for the entire production. Reflecting on his career path, Shane credits a Griffith College lecturer for recommending him, shaping his journey into a rewarding producer/researcher role.

Offering advice to overcome challenges, Shane suggests taking a walk when faced with obstacles, emphasizing the power of movement in sparking creativity. For him, a successful career involves expressing creativity, satisfying the ambition to learn, and seeing his work reach a wider audience.

Looking to the future, Shane plans to seek new opportunities in the same line of work after the current production concludes. He hopes that the valuable experience gained at Griffith College will continue to open doors in his evolving career, showcasing the impact of his education and professional growth.


Verónica Herrera, a 2021 graduate in Interactive Digital Media from Griffith College, embarked on a full-time academic journey drawn by the institution's esteemed academic reputation. Describing Griffith College in one sentence, she expresses that "At Griffith, you'll uncover the depths of your own capabilities."

Despite the challenges of studying during the pandemic, Verónica cherishes the camaraderie and resilience displayed by her tight-knit group. As the class representative, they creatively navigated obstacles through countless 24-hour Zoom calls, strengthening bonds and conquering assignments.

Verónica currently works as a Communications & Campaigns Officer at ALONE, but her academic achievements also speak volumes. She proudly achieved the highest academic distinction in her Interactive Digital Media course, reflecting her dedication and commitment to excellence.

Inspired by her studies in digital media, Verónica aspires to bridge communication and the digital sphere, contributing to positive changes for causes and businesses dedicated to well-being and development.

Providing valuable advice to overcome challenges, Verónica encourages embracing obstacles as opportunities for growth. She believes in persisting resolutely and forging ahead to blossom through the journey of life's challenges.

For Verónica, a successful career involves continuous growth, meaningful impact, and personal fulfillment. Beyond her professional pursuits, Verónica finds solace and adventure in hiking. She describes the experience as a symphony of tranquility and adventure, where each trail weaves challenges and discoveries, reflecting life's intricate balance between effort and reward.

Looking ahead, Verónica envisions a future where she can contribute significantly to a company's success. She sees Griffith College playing a vital role in supporting her journey by facilitating connections with industry peers, providing valuable networking opportunities, and offering guidance aligned with the dynamic demands of the Digital Marketing and communications field. As she explores her future plans, Verónica stands poised to make a meaningful impact on the professional landscape, guided by the experiences and education gained at Griffith College.


Berta Mars, a recent graduate from Griffith College in 2023 with a degree in Photographic Media, immersed herself in a full-time academic journey drawn by the international atmosphere and diverse student community at Griffith College. Reflecting on her choice, she notes, "The international atmosphere along the students" was a key factor that attracted her to the institution.

As a photography student, Berta fondly recalls collaborating with industry models as one of the highlights during her time at Griffith College. "Being able to collaborate with models that work in the industry was a big thing. I remember enjoying a lot when working in the studio with professionals," she reminisces, emphasizing the practical and enriching experiences offered by the program.

A proud achievement for Berta lies in her decision to move to another country to complete her degree. "Moving to another country to complete my degree was something I would have not observed a few years ago. Now I look back, and with its pros and cons, I am proud of that decision," she reflects, highlighting the personal growth and resilience embedded in the experience.

Defining a successful career, Berta emphasizes the importance of doing what one enjoys and is passionate about. For her, success is when attending classes is not a burden, and the learning experience contributes not only to professional growth but personal development as well.

Looking ahead, she aspires to become a documentary and fine art photographer. Berta's journey is a testament to the transformative power of education and the potential for continued collaboration between graduates and their alma mater.

Meet Erica Masterson, Chloe O'Loughlin & Bipal Shakya


Erica Masterson, a 2021 graduate with a BA (Hons) in Business from Griffith College, found herself drawn to the institution for its smaller class sizes and diverse international student community. Describing Griffith College in one sentence, she encapsulates it as "A vibrant and diverse community of learners."

One of her cherished memories at Griffith involves pitching brand ideas in brand management, reflecting the lively and creative atmosphere fostered by the college. "I really enjoyed pitching brand ideas in brand management with Bernadette. It was lovely to hear all the different ideas despite receiving the same brief."

In her current professional role as the Global Business Manager at Customs Wise and Director at Staffing Wise, Erica navigates a dynamic and multifaceted position. Managing the People & Marketing functions across both businesses, she oversees customs clearance and outsourced staffing, providing high-caliber talent from their office in India. Erica actively contributes to recruitment, onboarding, payroll, and day-to-day operations, fostering a collaborative culture with regular social events and check-ins. Her proudest achievement involves introducing overseas hiring for night operations, leading to company expansion and her appointment as Director at the age of 22.

Reflecting on her career path, Erica emphasizes the importance of embracing challenges outside one's comfort zone. "Try it. Especially if it scares you. You grow outside your comfort zone."

For Erica, a successful career involves working with great people, learning new skills, and having the autonomy to explore and create new projects. Supporting her team's personal and professional growth is a key aspect of her definition of success.

Outside her professional pursuits, Erica surprises people with her passion for boxing. It serves as a means to switch off and focus, allowing her to match the beat of her music. Additionally, she has a deep love for travel, exploring new places, and immersing herself in different cultures.

Looking to the future, Erica envisions growing her current business and potentially starting another. She seeks support from Griffith College in amplifying her work within the alumni community, especially in increasing awareness and expanding her business across Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the UK. Erica's journey exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit and determination instilled by her education at Griffith College.


Chloe O'Loughlin, a 2022 graduate with a degree in Computer Science from Griffith College, was drawn to the institution for its positive environment, diverse student body, and smaller class sizes. Describing Griffith College in one sentence, she encapsulates it as "A diverse positive environment, dedicated to its students and their futures."

A standout memory for Chloe is being selected as a STEM ambassador, a role that allowed her to champion women in tech. Reflecting on the experience, she notes, "It pushed me outside of my comfort zone, which gave me great confidence that I carried with me when I was pursuing my career post-graduation."

Since leaving Griffith College in May 2022, Chloe embarked on a journey that took her to London as a tech tutor at a summer camp in Wimbledon, sharing her knowledge with the next generation of coders. In August 2022, she returned to Dublin, commencing her career at Dell Technologies as a Software Engineer. Chloe recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with the company and is part of Dell's Cyber Security team.

Her proudest achievement to date is her graduation day from Griffith College, a culmination of years of hard work and dedication. She takes pride in being one of two women who graduated with a degree in Computer Science on that day.

Chloe's passion for technology was cultivated from a young age, driven by curiosity and a desire to understand how things worked. In school, she often found herself fixing technical issues with teachers' laptops, solidifying her decision to pursue computer science.

Offering advice on overcoming challenges, Chloe advocates for giving your best effort. "If it doesn't go your way, you can at least know that you tried your best. If it does go your way, you will feel extremely rewarded that your hard work paid off."

For Chloe, a successful career is synonymous with happiness and passion. She believes that finding fulfillment in what you do every day leads to a successful and satisfying career.

Outside her professional career, Chloe has a deep passion for horse riding, having learned to ride at the age of four. She was once a competitive show jumper and cherishes her proudest achievement of coming first in Punchestown. Horses remain a significant part of her life, providing an avenue for relaxation and enjoyment.

Looking to the future, Chloe is content in her current role but harbors a desire to travel and explore more of the world. She expresses gratitude for the support Griffith College provided in shaping her journey and career. Chloe's story reflects the transformative power of education and the pursuit of passion in building a successful and fulfilling career.


Bipal Shakya, a recent graduate from Griffith College with an MSc in Big Data Management and Analytics, reflects on his time at Griffith as a transformative experience. Drawn by the precisely tailored course material, the diverse international community, and the close-knit class setting, Bipal describes Griffith College as "like one great academic family."

Among the myriad of fond memories, volunteering on the Induction day stands out as one of the best experiences. Participating in fun activities, making new friends, and leaving with memories to last a lifetime encapsulate the vibrant and supportive atmosphere at Griffith.

Currently working as a Software Engineer and exploring new opportunities, Bipal considers being elected as the class representative one of his proudest achievements. This role allowed him to be a voice for his classmates, fostering a connection between students and faculty, providing a holistic understanding of academic dynamics.

Bipal's advice for overcoming challenges echoes the importance of taking things one step at a time. He emphasizes that even the most daunting challenges can be overcome when approached systematically.

For Bipal, a successful career is defined by making a wide-scale and tangible positive impact using technology. Beyond his professional pursuits, he finds joy in playing the guitar and the violin, expressing a desire to explore more stringed instruments, with the Celtic harp on his learning horizon.

Looking to the future, Bipal envisions himself in a position where he can leverage technology to make a meaningful impact on a global scale. He sees Griffith College as a crucial medium for staying connected with faculty, alumni, and students, fostering ongoing learning and collaboration even after graduation. Bipal's journey reflects the holistic and supportive environment at Griffith College, where academic excellence and personal growth intersect seamlessly.

Meet Sahena Maharjan, Aoife Crilly & Nishita Dimri


Sahena Maharjan, a recent graduate from Griffith College with an MSc. in Big Data Management and Analytics, found the college to be a perfect blend of academic excellence, diversity, and accessibility. Choosing Griffith because it offered the academic program she sought and promoted inclusivity, Sahena describes the college as "an academic melting pot that is diverse, accessible, and perfectly located in the heart of the city."

Reflecting on her time at Griffith, Sahena cherishes the satisfaction of mastering course material and successfully applying it in assignments, creating enduring memories of academic accomplishment.

Currently working in the IT sector in Ireland, Sahena emphasizes the distinct experience of working in a new country compared to her previous roles back home. Her proudest achievement is earning a first-class honor in her course while juggling part-time work, showcasing her dedication and excellence in both academic and professional pursuits.

Inspired by the growing use of data across various fields, Sahena found her passion in the limitless possibilities of data analysis and interpretation. Her advice for overcoming challenges is rooted in self-confidence, focus, calmness, determination, and resilience.

For Sahena, a successful career involves applying her knowledge to contribute meaningfully to real-world and impactful sectors. Looking ahead, she envisions advancing further in her IT career and actively participating in projects that foster innovation and growth. In this journey, Sahena sees the college playing a crucial role by providing opportunities for networking, access to industry trends, and career development resources, facilitating her stay on the cutting edge of her field and achieving her long-term professional objectives. Her story reflects the dynamic and supportive environment at Griffith College, where academic excellence aligns seamlessly with career aspirations.


Aoife Crilly, a 2018 graduate with a BA (Hons) in Journalism & Visual Media, found her academic home at Griffith College due to its smaller class sizes. Describing it as a "supportive academic community," Aoife thrived in an environment where collaboration and personalized support flourished. Her lecturers not only knew her by name but also took a genuine interest in her progress and development.

Reflecting on her time at Griffith, Aoife highlights graduation as a significant memory, marking the culmination of years of hard work and celebrating academic success with friends made throughout her college journey.

Currently serving as a Digital Marketing Executive for Griffith College Professional Academy, Aoife ensures effective digital communications and plays a pivotal role in promoting Griffith's career-enhancing short courses. Her role aligns seamlessly with the skills acquired during her journalism and visual media studies.

Aoife's proudest achievement to date is her dissertation, a massive project that honed her critical thinking, time management, and research skills—essential for her career. This project allowed her to delve deeply into her subject matter, analyze complex issues, and construct a well-structured argument.

Inspired by her desire for a career aligning with her journalism and visual media skills, Aoife entered digital marketing. Recognizing the synergy between her academic background and professional aspirations, she uses her creative and communication skills to shape persuasive marketing strategies, connect with audiences, and drive measurable results.

Her advice for overcoming challenges is to stay persistent, emphasizing that challenges often require time and effort to overcome. Persistence becomes key, especially when immediate results are not evident.

To Aoife, a successful career involves personal and professional growth, skill development, taking on more responsibilities over time, and making a meaningful impact. She aspires to inspire and support others in their professional growth while continuously learning and advancing within the dynamic field of digital marketing.

Outside her professional career, Aoife runs an Instagram page, @dublinfoodjournal, where she reviews food places around Dublin. Her future plans involve staying abreast of digital marketing trends and emerging technologies, aiming for a leadership role where she can contribute to strategy development and mentor emerging talent. She sees Griffith College as a crucial support system for her future plans, offering opportunities for growth, mentorship, and staying connected with the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.


Nishita Dimri, a 2022 MBA in International Business graduate from Griffith College, was drawn to the institution due to its "strong reputation" and the diverse selection of courses offered. Recognizing Griffith as a "prestigious, diverse, and globally recognized institution," Nishita appreciated the friendly and highly knowledgeable lecturers.

One of her fondest memories at Griffith College was meeting her classmates in person for the first time during the 1st Semester, celebrating birthdays and forming strong bonds despite the initial online learning.

Currently, Nishita serves as a Course Sales Administrator within Griffith College Dublin's Professional Academy team. Her role involves a multitude of responsibilities, from managing course inquiries and applications to contributing to departmental materials and actively participating in market research. Juggling her MBA program with part-time work and commuting from Galway, completing the degree stands out as a personal accomplishment.

Nishita's best advice for overcoming challenges is to accept new viewpoints, maintain curiosity, and pause to breathe during difficult times. She believes that solutions are often already present, waiting to be seen.

A successful career, according to Nishita, encompasses personal fulfillment, financial stability, recognition, advancement, and a positive impact, all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance and a commitment to continuous learning.

Beyond her professional career, Nishita indulges in a variety of interests, from immersing herself in books and playing video games to exploring new places. Her future plans involve enhancing her skills, staying engaged with professional networks, and advancing within Griffith College. She aims to foster a culture of continuous learning, take on more responsibilities, and make a meaningful impact. Nishita looks forward to utilizing Griffith College's upskilling opportunities to their fullest potential, demonstrating her commitment to ongoing personal and professional development.

Meet Ronja Vilímková


Ronja Vilímková, a 2022 graduate with an MSc in Interactive Digital Media from Griffith College, was initially drawn to the institution by the comprehensive learning opportunities offered by the program. Expressing excitement about the chance to explore her creativity and gain a strong foundation in programming, she found Griffith College's approach aligned perfectly with the digital age's demand for diverse skill sets.

Describing Griffith College as a "prestigious educational institution that offers comprehensive programs, fostering creativity," Ronja highlighted the supportive learning environment.

One of Ronja's cherished memories at Griffith College was the transition from online to in-person learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The experience of physically attending campus for the thesis presentation and graduation underscored the strong sense of community established during the online phase.

Currently, Ronja serves as a Digital Content Executive at Griffith College, where she creates content through various artistic disciplines for the creative faculties. Alongside her role, she engages in freelance projects, continually refining her skills in the dynamic digital landscape.

Ronja's proudest achievement is graduating with a first-class honors degree and successfully developing an interactive game during her master's program. This accomplishment not only represented academic success but also showcased her ability to innovate in a field she is passionate about.

Her career path was inspired by her innate passion and talent for the creative side of things, coupled with a desire to bring ideas to life and create meaningful content.

Ronja's advice for overcoming challenges is to embrace adversity as an opportunity for growth and creativity. She views challenges as a chance to tap into inner resilience and resourcefulness, discovering untapped potential.

A successful career, in Ronja's view, involves achieving a harmonious balance between work, family, and friends, coupled with deep expertise in the field and a commitment to continuous learning.

Outside her professional career, Ronja is passionate about gardening, finding it therapeutic and rewarding. It allows her to connect with nature and create beautiful outdoor spaces.

Her future plans involve staying on the creative path, particularly in animation within the gaming industry. To support her best, Ronja hopes for continued opportunities for collaboration on creative projects and networking facilitated by Griffith College. The college's support in creative initiatives and industry connections would be instrumental in pursuing her career goals.