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Griffith Grad Publishes New Book on Dublin GAA History

Dublin: The Chaos Years book cover

Dublin might be the powerhouse of Gaelic football now, but it wasn't always. Neil Cotter, who earned a graduate diploma in Journalism and Media Communications at Griffith College back in 2003, explains the team's horrible slump that lasted a painful decade and a half, from 1996 to 2010. In Dublin - The Chaos Years: How the Dubs Made a Mess of Things for So Long - and How They Turned it Around, Cotter, who is also Head of News at the Irish Sun, reconstructs that difficult period to find out what went wrong and how the team eventually got it going right again. He was able to speak to multiple players about this time, among them Keith Barr (who professes to have had "three big mates in the squad: Keith Barr, Keith Barr, and Keith Barr,") and Shane Ryan. The book, doubtless a must-read for any GAA fan, came out earlier this month to strong reviews, with the Irish Examiner calling it "well-written and insightful."